Join us and hear politicians share how their policies would impact your financial future, and experts present their favorite trading strategies around the election.

October 12 - 17th

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Wealth365 is the largest free online trading and investment conference in the world. Join us and discover the best tips & strategies, directly from celebrity personalities, financial advisers, champion traders, and business thought leaders. You’ll increase your knowledge, grow your skills, and be prepared to take the next step in your financial future.

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Wealth365 Summit is the largest, FREE, most convenient online financial conference in the world!


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Topics include stocks, futures, options, currencies, bitcoin, financial and tax planning, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more!


Tips & Strategies

Discover the best tips and strategies directly from top celebrity personalities, financial advisers, champion traders, and business thought leaders!


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Join from the comfort of your home or office without expensive travel, inconvenient scheduling, and unnecessary time away!


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World-Class Thought Leaders

Wealth365 Summit features the most prestigious thought-leaders and experts in the financial, real estate and business entrepreneurship industries. Here are just a few of the top speakers for our upcoming event that will be sharing the latest and greatest content that you won’t see anywhere else.

Featured Speakers

Get The Latest Strategies And Tips From These Top Thinkers...

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James Carville

Political Icon
image description

Mary Matalin

Celebrated Conservative Voice and Former Presidential Advisor
image description

Donna Brazile

Veteran Democratic Political Strategist; Adjunct Professor; Author; and Syndicated Columnist
image description

Jason Chaffetz

Fox News Contributor, Best-Selling Author, Former U.S. Congressman (UT) and Chairman of Oversight & Government Reform Committee
image description

Tom Sosnoff

Founder & Co-CEO, tastytrade
image description

Ralph Acampora, CMT

Director Tactical Investments, Altaira, LTD
image description

Dan Gramza

President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC.
image description

Jill Malandrino

Global Markets Reporter, Nasdaq
image description

Lawrence McMillan

CEO, McMillan Asset Management
image description

Rob Hoffman

30x International Trading Champion
image description

Edward Modla

Director of Education and Business Development, The Options Industry Council
image description

Liz Dierking & Jenny Andrews

Co-Hosts of the Liz & JNY Show
image description

Jeff Tompkins

President & Chief Investment Strategist, Altos Trading, LLC (formerly The Trading Profit, LLC)
image description

Tony Zhang

Chief Strategist, OptionsPlay
image description

Jake Bernstein

Author, Educator, Active Trader,
image description

Linda Raschke

Private Trader, LBRGroup

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Great Event Schedule

With a schedule of over 60 high-caliber wealth expert speakers encompassing top financial institutions, make sure to tune in to receive the latest strategies, tips and educational content essential to trading, investing, and all things wealth

Please note that all times on the schedule are reported in Eastern Time.

Please Check Back Soon To See The Full Speaker Lineup Of The July 2020 Wealth365 Summit.

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Previous Videos

Watch the videos below to see some of the exciting topics that get covered at the Wealth365 Summit.

Rob Hoffman: Learn how to trade Rob’s techniques that can be used in all markets. Rob Hoffman teaches you a straightforward strategy that you can begin using today for day trading and swing trading. This is a must-see event given that Rob is one of the world’s top traders that puts it out there live in front of retail and institutional traders alike. This is an important presentation for any active trader or investor.

Tony Zhang: Learn how to trade options using low-risk ways to trade the options market. Tony Zhang will teach you how to sell covered calls and cash-secured puts as a way to make income. He will walk you through each strategy with best practices and show how to find income opportunities using real trading examples.

Ziad Jasani addresses Economic, Geo-Political, Fundamental and Technical factors to provide you with a road-map for the highest probability Short-To-Mid-Term Swing-Trades and Longer-Term allocation decisions. Ziad will teach you the skills and provide you insights that will help you trade and invest with an advantage and out-perform the Market.

Learn how Jeff Tompkins used the MACD indicator to help him find an edge to his trading. Discover how you can use the MACD, that is available for free in any trading platform to predict market moves. This works for stocks, options, futures, and forex! Once you learn the correct way to use the MACD, you will never look at the markets or trading the same way again!

Larry McMillan as he explains how option data (price and volume) can often be used to structure trading indicators or systems designed to predict the movements of the broad stock market Larry McMillan will review the prominent ones (put-call ratios, volatility indices such as VIX, etc.) and bring you up to date on what these indicators are “saying” at the current time.

Learn to read volume like the professionals do in this wonderful presentation from Barry Burns. Learn volume patterns that keep you on the right side of the market. Barry will teach you a completely Counter-Intuitive Low Volume Pattern that provides consistently reliable entries. You will learn about a total “mismatch” between a price bar and a volume bar that leads to EXPLOSIVE moves!

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