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Wealth365 Summit features the most prestigious thought-leaders and experts in the financial, real estate and business entrepreneurship industries. Here are just a few of the top speakers for our upcoming event that will be sharing the latest and greatest content that you won’t see anywhere else.

Ralph Acampora, CMT

Director Tactical Investments, Altaira, LTD
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Dan Gramza

President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC.
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Lawrence McMillan

CEO, McMillan Asset Management
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Ryan Jones

Founder & CEO, Quantum Trading Technologies
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Amy Smith

Market Commentator and Educator, Investors Business Daily
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John Dobosz

Editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, Forbes Media
View Profile

Rob Booker

Algorithmic Trader, WR Booker & Co
View Profile

Kelly Clement

CEO, MetaStock
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Rob Hoffman

28x International Trading Champion
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Stephen Bigalow

Founder, Candlestick Forum
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Irusha Peiris

Manager, MarketSmith
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Ziad Jasani

Co-Founder & Partner, Independent Investor Institute.
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Hima Reddy, CMT

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This was a great gathering of professionals in the industry, whom provided a wealth of knowledge and information. I am better for the experience and look forward to the next summit.

I really enjoyed the summit it opened my eyes to a whole new level of trading especially learning about the level 3 trading and the iceberg orders it has opened my eyes to a completely different side of trading and I would love to say thank you for all the effort that was put into this summit.

The speakers are great. Learned a great deal.

Wealth 365 is an amazing platform where all the stalwarts are gathering to deliver valued knowledge of their first hand experience and I truly appreciate the effort and time they are putting in to make the viewers understand their point of view in becoming more profitable in any trading market around the world.

No doubt the presenters were awesome and each one had their share of success in life. It was very enlightening.

Great summit for exposure to various investment instruments.

I really did enjoy the summit, and I would say the most of the presenters really tried to get usable information that we could use right away.

An amazing source for knowledge, I always look forward to what Wealth356 has to offer in the way of market mastery.

Wealth365 summit has all great speakers on investing and trading.

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Legendary Technical Analyst, Ralph Acampora Explains Why The Market Is Enjoying A Vacuum Rally

In this keynote presentation, Ralph will be reviewing why the market is enjoying a vacuum rally and what that means to your portfolio. He’ll also be providing market analysis on the most popular Stocks, Options, ETF, and Futures markets.... [+]

Swing-Trading With Trump Into A Bear-Market: A Global-Macro Approach to High-Probability Swing-Trading

Decipher the interconnected-web of Global-Financial Markets to unlock profitable Swing-Trades and better Longer-Term-Allocation decisions with Ziad Jasani, the Head-Swing-Trader and Co-Founder of the Independent Investor Institute. At this session you’ll be taken through a holistic analysis of Capital Markets (Currency, Commodity, Fixed Income and Equity) akin to the “State-of-The-Union.” From there we’ll intersplice Economic, Geo-Political,... [+]

Leaderboard® – IBD’s List of Leading Growth Stocks

Discover why thousands of professional and self-directed investors have turned to IBD’s Leaderboard® to help them with their stock selection. Leaderboard identifies top-performing growth stocks and gives you technical and fundamental analysis on each stock. Each day, IBD’s experts provide a short list of top stocks that have the potential to make huge price gains.... [+]

How to Use One Indicator to Predict the Markets

Discover how you can use one special indicator that is available for free in any trading platform to predict market moves. This works for stocks, options, futures and forex! Once you learn the correct way to use this indicator, you will never look at the markets or trading the same way again.... [+]

Trading Opportunities in 2019

Watch veteran trader and leading educator Dan Gramza as he provides insight into the market activity we have seen in 2018. Dan will identify trading opportunities as he explores up to 22 futures markets. Drawing on over 30 years of trading experience, Dan will provide effective strategies that can be applied across multiple markets and... [+]

Award-Winning Strategies for Active Day and Swing Traders with Rob Hoffman and Jeff Gibby

Rob Hoffman is a 28-time trading champion who has won more real-money, on-site, domestic and international trading competitions than any other trader on the entire planet! Rob will share some of his favorite and must-have intra-day and swing trading setups that are working right now for futures, stocks, options, currencies and ETFs. You will leave... [+]

How To Identify Monstrous Breakouts… Before They Strike!

How to spot explosive stocks and options before they potentially pop 420%… 385%… or even 1,453%. Why your favorite indicators trick you into false breakouts 70% of the time (or more) – and how to flip that win rate on its head. A hidden “catalyst” – ignored by 99 out of 100 investors – that... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

Discover The Quick Profit Trading Setup Used By The “New Kings of Wall Street”

The goal of this session is simple: to inform you about the major trend that is shifting Wall Street and explain what every investor needs to do to future-proof their portfolio while protecting their portfolio. During this one-hour training, Oliver will show you how to access detectable, reoccurring trade opportunities on NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.... [+]

Discover How To Become Your Own Bank To Build Wealth Like The Ultra-Rich

Discover the Strategy of the Ultra-Rich That Allows You To Create Income for Life, Supercharge Your Investments, and Create Wealth Automatically. This method gives you access to cash without using banks or credit cards for any purpose you want (use it to fund your business, your lifestyle… or earn double returns by funding investments!). And... [+]

How To Use Moving Averages to Achieve Potentially Big Returns

 In this strategy Steven is going to teach you.. 1. Why Moving Averages are the Best Tool for Trend Following 2. How to use Moving averages to Protect Downside (Draw Downs Matter!) 3. How to use a Rules Based Approach for Moving Averages 4. Why I like to use Directional ETFs over stocks 5. How... [+]

Great First Quarter Setups

Greg will provide some of his current industry groups that look well positioned to start advancing. Portfolio managers and longer term swing traders will enjoy seeing some of the charting technology used to help find winning stocks. Follow Greg as he cuts through the news to find trading opportunities.... [+]

  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET in Room 1 Stocks

Profiting from Downside Investing

Stocks fall three times faster than they rise—are you profiting from these moves? Dan Russo, Chief Market Strategist at Chaikin Analytics, highlights his process to uncovering investment ideas on the downside. By combing fundamentals with technicals, Dan has built an amazing track record for the Bearish Insights product. Hear him lay out his consistent process,... [+]

  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

How To Trade Wall Street’s Secret “Profit Schedule” With Options To Potentially Gain 50-100% ROI

Did you know that all the big institutions on Wall Street follow a schedule for all their stock buys and sells every year, at the same time each year (down to the EXACT trading day)? There are hundreds of stocks they do this with. Matt will show you in his presentation how the big institutions... [+]

High Reward Low Risk Trading [Butterfly & Long Condor Option Spreads]

Core basics that many traders miss when using butterflies (to the detriment of their account); What option Greeks are vital and how to use them; A High-Reward Low-Risk option strategy that crushes it in any market; A little known option defensive that will change your trading performance and reduce your trading stress; Favorite go-to-option strategy,... [+]

Selling Options on Dividend Stocks in Real-Time

John Dobosz, editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, discusses his approach to generating equity income by investing in undervalued dividend stocks and selling options for additional income. Dobosz looks for dividend stocks trading at discounts to historical valuations on multiples of price to sales, earnings, cash flow, book value, and enterprise... [+]

How To Beat The Market Investing Just One Day A Week

Attendees will not only learn how they can potentially beat the market investing just one day a week, but beginner and pro alike will be able to learn how they can implement this strategy immediately following the presentation.... [+]

Learning to Deal with Failure Differently – Building a Winning Trader Psychology

What separates you from your potential in trading? It’s time to get real about what no one wants to talk about – the fear of failure. Behind every hesitation to get in the trade is self-doubt. And behind self-doubt is fear of failure. Behind the aggression of over-trading or revenge trading is also fear of... [+]

How To Potentially Generate Big Returns Using Low Risk High Reward Options Strategies

In this exciting presentation we will share our 3 favorite options strategies that can be used to generate big profits in any market environment. These strategies will help you increase your winning percentage with a fraction of the risk. Are you struggling to find enough time to track the markets each day? We will share... [+]

Take Advantage of Market Crashes and Rallies with Price and Fibonacci

Join Alla and discover the simplicity of trading Pure Price Action using her Proprietary Fibonacci Retracement Levels in a completely Indicator-Free zone. You will discover her remarkably simple approach to identifying key trading levels for isolating Trend Reversal and Trend Inception Areas with extremely high accuracy. Alla will demonstrate the accuracy of the Proprietary Fibonacci... [+]

The One Strategy That Generates Potential Steady Profits in Options

In this presentation, you will learn: How to use increased volatility to find better trades High probability patterns to locate strong bullish and bearish market reversals Specific candlestick patterns that work like a charm in the current market environment The single most effective candlestick pattern to consistently identify stock turning points  ... [+]

Big Potential Opportunities From Swing Trading Stocks & Options for Weekly Income

Dramatically Increase Your Trade Accuracy On Stocks & ETFs That Are A LOT Stronger Than The Overall Market!... [+]

The MTM S.M.A.R.T. Income System: A Revolutionary Approach to Covered Calls

Can you outperform your current investing results while lowering your risk? The answer is a resounding YES! And it’s surprisingly easy to do! Dan Passarelli, Founder of Market Taker Mentoring, has a long career in trading, spanning over 25 years, including many years as a Chicago Board Options Exchange floor trader. Dan is the author... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 2 Stocks

Smart Money Indicators that have Predicted Every Market Crash

In this presentation, you will learn: -How to Use Insider Buying and Selling Activity to Detect Explosive Trade Setups and What to Look For -How to Use the Most Powerful Technical Patterns to Time Your Entries and Exits with Consistent Accuracy -Where the Smart Money Indicators Are Saying the Overall Market Is Headed -Our Favorite... [+]

  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm ET in Room 2 Stocks

5 Picks to Protect Your Portfolio Without Selling Your Portfolio

2019 looks like a volatile year. So how are you planning to protect your portfolio?... [+]

  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm ET in Room 1 Futures

Using Market Profile & Volume Analytics to Identify Trends and Reversals

Join Damon Pavlatos as he shares his 41 years of experience executing orders for large traders and institutional funds.  During his presentation he’ll demonstrate how he spots reversal and trend opportunities as well as how he uses Market Profile and Volume candles to identify key decision points.  Damon will also explain how to spot sizable... [+]

  • 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

Discover The Exact Four Strategies To Potentially Make Investment Income That Can Turn You Into a Trading Pro

There are 4 trading strategies that A.J. Brown uses most often. He will share what these strategies are and how to execute them. Most importantly, A.J. will show how to take these strategies and use them to generate serious income that consistently comes month in and month out no matter what direction the market is... [+]

  • 09:00 am - 10:00 am ET in Room 1 Options

Maximize Technical Analysis w/ Options Trading

More than 50% of index options traders use technical analysis to generate their ideas and signals. Learn how to maximize your option strategies with a review of popular technical trading strategies. See how different technical indicators are utilized to generate high probability setups ideal for options trading. OptionsPlay makes exploring and comparing different strategies instant... [+]

  • 10:00 am - 11:00 am ET in Room 1 Options

Find Your Edge: Understand How Volatility and Its Relationship to Underlying Movement Can Create Trades With an Edge

In this presentation, you will learn: -Learn the forms of measuring volatilty -Master knowing when an option is cheap or expensive -Find the most profitable trade in a given month or among many months -Become a faster smarter trader using volatility analytics and scanning  ... [+]

Ridiculously Simple ETF Trading System That Can Potentially Outperform Market Indices!

This mechanical, emotionless system has generated over 624 trades in 12 years, trading 9 different “name-brand” ETFs like DIA, SPY and GLD. We use this conservative, straightforward strategy to hammer out a nearly 90% win rate, going all the way back to 2006! The secret, 3 word phrase that powers it all, comes from an... [+]

Gain A Real-Time Trading Edge with Order Flow Sequence Tracking

Discover how to truly Identify market direction by understanding what the large institutions are doing to maximize profit and limiting losses.... [+]

Trading Tops & Bottoms In All Markets

Nearly all traders have been taught that the quickest and most profitable way to make money in the markets is by selling tops and by buying bottoms. But if this were the norm, then why do most traders lose money? Join Steven Primo, Former Stock Exchange Specialist and 42-year professional trader as he reveals the... [+]

The Ultimate Hedging of Your Portfolio

Learn how to protect, prosper and compound your portfolio. Learn how to never sell stock again while always being protect. Eliminate all emotional decisions and learn Bubba’s hedging methods to protect, prosper, compound and never sell a stock again.... [+]

Timing Your Trades For Accurate Entries And Exits

“Retail traders (amateurs) are often right, but at the wrong time.” That’s a quote from one of my trading mentors and I found it to be one of the most important things I ever learned. It explains why so many traders enter a trade, quickly get stopped out, and then the market resumes in the... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

Finding Breakout Trades in 2019

Use an easy and proven system to dominate the markets in 2019. Whether you’re trading stocks, options, futures, forex, crypto or other, technical analysis is your key to success. Find out what clues to look, what patterns to spot and which indicators to use to find high-probability breakout trades in 2019.... [+]

  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

Trading Volatility For Maximum Profit Opportunities

Whether it is the mature trade War with China, political gridlock in Washington or potential war in the Middle East, Matthew “Whiz” Buckley is going to show investors of all skill levels how to potentially profit during these extremely volatile times. This former Navy fighter pilot with combat missions over Iraq went from the cockpit... [+]

How To Build a 6 or 7 Figure Airbnb Business…Without Owning The Properties.

Learn how to use properties you don’t own to earn a six to seven figure per year income on Airbnb. This one hour training will show you how to create a new stream of income in the next 30 days using a little known technique known as “rental arbitrage”. Brought to you by Brian Page,... [+]

The Current State of Option-Oriented Indicators

Join Larry McMillan as he explains how option data (price and volume) can often be used to structure trading indicators or systems designed to predict the movements of the broad stock market. In this session, Larry McMillan will review the prominent ones (put-call ratios, volatility indices such as VIX, etc.) and bring you up to... [+]

Opportunities To Boost Your Income With Weekly Options Cash Flow

Watch how we aim for steady weekly profits from options. You’ll see how we let time do the heavy lifting as we focus on minimizing risk to win the game.... [+]

Catching Super Stocks Before Their Big Move

Every year gives us a new group of super stocks. They are game changers in their field, and the strong demand for their products result in big earnings and big sales. Consequently, their big fundamental attributes catch the attention of professional investors and fund managers. You’ll learn what makes a super stock, how to identify... [+]

Learn The Exact Strategy Used To Potentially Make As Much As $6280.25 While Risking $312.50

In this engaging presentation Hubert will show you how to be wrong more than you’re right and still have the opportunity to potentially a lot of make money in the markets. Additionally, so many traders lose money trading instruments not right for them. So Hubert will also show you the importance of making sure you... [+]

Three Steps to a Successful Trade

Do you have problems identifying the trend and where the market is going? Are you looking for a simple and reliable trading system? Discover the MetaStock “RMO” trading method! This multiple trend-based system is famous for giving traders clean and clear signals for stocks, futures, forex or indexes. This webinar will demonstrate a simple three-step... [+]

Trading with the Dominant Force

Trading with the buyers or sellers when they are the dominant force can dramatically increase the odds for success. Traders will learn how three unique market indicators can be used together to determine when buyers or sellers are in command of a market. Using this information, traders will learn a simple trading strategy to trade... [+]

Learn How You Can Potentially Quadruple Your Trading Account In As Little As 8 Months… Without Risking More Than 2%.

In any market – regardless of varying models – there is a science to how price moves. We call this “Market Geometry.” When you understand the structures of Market Geometry, you can begin to trade inside the natural flow of market movement – rather than battle the seemingly “chaotic” eruptions of price. Understanding market geometry... [+]

How I Trade Momentum: RSI Power Zones Setups on Today’s Markets

In this presentation, you will learn: How Hima Uses A Popular Momentum Indicator (It’s Not The Standard) Buy and Sell Setups That Hima Reddy is Seeing in Today’s Markets Live Charts Analysis Using Her 16+ Years of Experience TRL: Ticker Requests Live! Hima’s Review of Your Markets  ... [+]

How To Spot Patterns That Can Break To The Upside 2/3 of the Time

In this presentation, you will learn: -The power and profit are in the pattern -Patience for patterns pays off -When the pattern’s probability doesn’t play out, don’t blame the pattern -Current patterns likely to break to the upside... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

My Favorite 2 Bearish Setups

The market is really getting bearish right now. To help everyone out I’ve put together my two favorite bearish setups. There are a lot of questions about bearish setups… “Should I short a stock or ETF?” “Should I buy puts or a put spread?” “Should I buy an inverted ETF?” We’ve mostly been in an... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 2 Forex

How To Potentially Capture Low Hanging Profits Using This 8-Step Elliott Wave Blueprint

If you are a trader who finally wants to make sense out of the market cycles, and learn a simple strategy which counts the waves for you, so you don’t have to be a consummate Elliott Wave analyst, then you have come to the right place. If you want to learn how to use Elliott,... [+]

Unleash Your Trades Using the Power of Fibonacci

In this presentation, you will learn: Timing Your Trades Establishing solid target levels Reinforcing target levels for maximum gain  ... [+]

How to Optimize your Day Trading With The 3 Min Chart

Discover how to accurately determine why to enter into a day trade using gap sentiment.... [+]

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Trading Efficiency

There are many factors that drive and impact the price and volatility of the markets… and those factors can’t be seen by the human eye. But here’s the good news… Artificial Intelligence has the ability to detect those factors that cause trend changes. And we’re going to show you exactly how it’s done! During this... [+]

What Traders Can Learn from the Intelligence Community

The relationship between Human Context and Technology will be examined. Attendees will gain perspective for how to secure control over their own curiosity, analysis, and reasoning so they are not overwhelmed by the power of machines. They will take away specific steps strengthening proactive behavior and ensuring their decisions keep them ahead of price movement.... [+]

Winning in Forex with Level II Order Flow Trading and Volume Data

During James’ presentation, you will learn: – Why Currency trading is the BEST opportunity for financial independence. – What makes Forex EASIER to exploit than any other market. – How to use ADVANCED analysis tools to beat the market daily. – How to access our ‘Level II Order Flow’ training course.... [+]

Discretionary Short-Term Trading in the Algo World

Larry will discuss how he looks for short-term market opportunities in this highly technical & algo driven market place.... [+]

My Simple Strategy For Trading A Small Lot Account

Join Rob Hoffman as he teaches you a straightforward strategy that you can begin using today for day trading and swing trading. This is a must-see event given that Rob is one of the world’s top traders that puts it out there live in front of retail and institutional traders alike. This is an important... [+]

Make Earnings Season Work For You

Earnings season is a time of opportunity … But only for those who know what to do and when to do it. With 20 years of trading experience I have discovered that any strategy (for stocks or options) must comply with a 4-Step Trading Structure. In this presentation I will guide you through these four... [+]

How To Stay 1 to 3 Steps Ahead of The Market To Keep Your Trading Efforts From Blowing Up In Your Face

With all the cutting edge strategies, technology/software, tools, Wall Street insights, and education available, it might shock you to know that… Broker statistics reveal that over 97% of traders STILL FAIL to make money with consistency…moreover, most give it all back (and then some!) True trading consistency cannot be accomplished until you understand how to... [+]

How to Trade with Proprietary Hedge Fund Secrets

In this presentation, Drew Day will discuss how traders can use proprietary hedge fund secrets to gain an extreme edge in trading stocks, options, and futures. In this presentation, he will demonstrate and teach real-world hedge fund setups that can be used to exponentially grow trading accounts.... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

Smart Money Exposed: Why You Need Level 3 To Trade Against The Best Traders

In this presentation, Fausto will discuss his ‘no-stress’ approach to trading by using simple tools to follow the ‘smart money’. Instead of predicting and hoping for a stock to move favorably in a certain direction, Fausto Pugliese stresses the importance of reacting to the valuable information that one can see on Level III, time and... [+]

  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

How To Get A Job At A Prop Firm

In this presentation, you will learn: How to make your trading dreams a reality How to trade other people’s money Step-by-step guidance on how to get hired as a professional trader  ... [+]

Real-Money Day and Swing Trading Champion Shares Some Of His Favorite Strategies To Beat The Market

Come watch Live Trading Champion Davide Biocchi present what he is using in today’s markets to help him win real-money live trading championships! Davide will be showing you the tools and strategies involved and many more important things to know heading into 2019... [+]

Simple, High-Probability Automated Trading for Stocks, Futures & FX

You’ll learn how to start managing your assets across a variety of simple, easy to set up automated systems. You’ll have more free time, fewer emotional trades, and better risk management. If you’ve ever wondered if automated / algorithmic trading is right for you, this presentation is a can’t miss opportunity to get all the... [+]

Powerful Opportunities Behind the Left/Right Combo

As a widely recognized Candlestick Expert, I’ve discovered the Left/Right Combo has certain characteristics that make it even more powerfully predictive than lots of its ‘classical’ counterparts. With the Left/Right Combo and Your trading strategy just got a whole lot easier!... [+]

Techniques To Potentially Grow Your Account With Lower Risks

85% – 95% of all traders lose money. That has been a consistent statistic since the mid-1980’s. To the surprise of many, the explosion in technology and access to more information and trading tools has not altered this statistic. Why? In this presentation, Ryan Jones explains why the industry has you focused on all the... [+]

My Favorite Strategy For Finding The Best Options Trades

In this presentation, Andrew Keene will teach: -Intro to Basic Order Flow -Best Types of Options Trades to Take -His Personal Trading Plan -Breaking Down the Greeks of the Trade -Current Market Examples -Scanning Your Trades for You... [+]

Developing A Systematic Approach To ETF Profits

In this exclusive Wealth365 presentation Tom Aspray will show how you can benefit from his systematic weekly analytical approach. It can help you identify those leveraged ETFs have the best profit and risk profile for the week ahead. This is same approach Tom uses with his institutional and individual clients. Tom’s logical, step by step... [+]

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