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Wealth365 Summit is the largest, FREE, most convenient online financial conference in the world!

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Topics include stocks, futures, options, currencies, financial and tax planning, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more!

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Our Featured Speakers

Wealth365 Summit features the most prestigious thought-leaders and experts in the financial, real estate and business entrepreneurship industries. Here are just a few of the top speakers for our upcoming event that will be sharing the latest and greatest content that you won’t see anywhere else.

Ed Yardeni

President and Chief Investment Strategist, Yardeni Research, Inc.
View Profile

Arla Rosenthal

RCG Managed Futures Broker, Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG), a Division of Marex Spectron
View Profile

Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA

Senior Technical Analyst
View Profile

Ralph Acampora, CMT

Director Tactical Investments, Altaira, LTD
View Profile

Adam Mesh

CEO, Adam Mesh Trading Group.
View Profile

Mark Skousen

Investment Expert, Economist, Author, Editor and University Professor
View Profile

Rob Hoffman

28x International Trading Champion
View Profile

Toni Turner

President, Trendstar Trading Group, LLC.
View Profile

Dan Gramza

President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC.
View Profile

Hilary Kramer

Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager
View Profile

John Liu

CEO, Firstrade Securities, Inc.
View Profile

Ziad Jasani

Co-Founder & Partner, Independent Investor Institute.
View Profile

Kelly Clement

CEO, MetaStock
View Profile

John Dobosz

Editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, Forbes Media
View Profile

Rob Booker

Algorithmic Trader, WR Booker & Co
View Profile

Tony Zhang

Chief Strategist, OptionsPlay
View Profile

Lawrence McMillan

CEO, McMillan Asset Management
View Profile

Jeff Tompkins

President & Chief Investment Strategist, The Trading Profit, LLC
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This was a great gathering of professionals in the industry, whom provided a wealth of knowledge and information. I am better for the experience and look forward to the next summit.

David from Lake Ozark, Missouri

I have only been in 3 or 4 sessions over the past week with all the activity in the market. But I have taken away at least ONE great idea I believe will absolutely change my trading going forward!

Amie from Los Angeles, California

I really enjoyed the summit and am SO glad I participated. I found it very valuable and loved seeing the range of different products available and different strategies people used. In our day of technology, I am blown away with the various tool that are our there for the retail investor. I am now on my way to being more profitable.

Donna from Houston, Texas

Simply excellent! The very rich schedule of this Summit, jam packed with many interesting topics and valuable practical infos, provided by *real* experts on the field (and not the usual “armchair-theorist analyst” you can find on economic medias…) are like gold dust for the non-professional trader. Keep pragmatism as guiding principle, you’re doing it right! Chapeau.

Mauro from Bergamo, Italy

Summit was insightful, informative, dynamic and covered a wide range of expertise and trading knowledge from a diverse range of market specialists.

Mike from Ontario, Canada

Thanks, Great Summit, All Presentations were a knock-knock out and very informative..It was great to be exposed to different strategies and ideas. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

Allan from Yulee, Florida

The summit did a great job to provide different speakers and I have gained insight and learned a lot of strategies from different speakers. Thank you so much for giving me a free assess to all the live webinar.

Peter from Malaysia

It was a great show! I really enjoyed most of the presentations, and learned a lot. It was especially appreciated for the range of topics as well. I am quite impressed to see the trading champions having shared their secrets. To win a competition speaks volumes!

Walter from Cincinnati, Ohio

It was wonderful! Every speaker I heard did a fantastic job. Thank you for the opportunity to hear these wonderful speakers.

Marvin from Randleman, North Carolina

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Legendary Technical Analyst, Ralph Acampora Explains Why The Market Is Enjoying A Vacuum Rally

In this keynote presentation, Ralph will be reviewing why the market is enjoying a vacuum rally and what that means to your portfolio. He’ll also be providing market analysis on the most popular Stocks, Options, ETF, and Futures markets.... [+]

The Economy & Financial Markets in Trump World & Beyond

Are President Trump’s policies bullish or bearish for the stock market? The answer is: Yes, they’ve been both bullish and bearish. So which will prevail? Dr Ed Yardeni will discuss the outlook for both the US economy and global economy, as well as world financial markets for the rest of the year and beyond.... [+]

Swing-Trading Over Trump’s Wall: A Global-Macro Approach to High-Probability Swing-Trading

Decipher the interconnected-web of Global-Financial Markets to unlock profitable Swing-Trades and better Longer-Term-Allocation decisions with Ziad Jasani, the Head-Swing-Trader and Co-Founder of the Independent Investor Institute. At this session you’ll be taken through a holistic analysis of Capital Markets (Currency, Commodity, Fixed Income and Equity) akin to the “State-of-The-Union.” From there we’ll intersplice Economic, Geo-Political,... [+]

Simple, High-Probability Automated Trading for Stocks, Futures & FX

You’ll learn how to start managing your assets across a variety of simple, easy to set up automated systems. You’ll have more free time, fewer emotional trades, and better risk management. If you’ve ever wondered if automated / algorithmic trading is right for you, this presentation is a can’t miss opportunity to get all the... [+]

The 3 Best Volume Patterns to Trade Profitably in Today’s Markets

Bottom Line: What moves the markets? Everyone knows it’s supply & demand, but … … what measures supply & demand better than anything else? Answer: VOLUME! But be careful – reading volume isn’t as simple as it may appear. Hey, if it was, then everyone would be making money! When it comes to reading volume... [+]

Three Steps to a Successful Trade

Do you have problems identifying the trend and where the market is going? Are you looking for a simple and reliable trading system? Discover the MetaStock “RMO” trading method! This multiple trend-based system is famous for giving traders clean and clear signals for stocks, futures, forex or indexes. This webinar will demonstrate a simple three-step... [+]

Unique Reasons Why Traders/Investors Utilize Managed Futures Accounts Traded by Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs)

We help Traders, high net worth investors, and family offices diversify their investing/trading by utilizing the futures markets through managed futures accounts which are traded by registered professional traders called Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). Are you seeking an alternative to your typical equity or bond portfolio? Would you like access to exchange traded commodity markets... [+]

Still Struggling With Consistency? Here’s What You Don’t Know and What To Do About It

First, you know that nobody will care about your money or your financial future MORE THAN YOU! With an ever-changing market, erratic volatility and shifting conditions that create confusing and unreliable (inconsistent) signals… No strategy, A.I., Algorithm or Signal System can survive (long-term) a constantly moving target. It’s always going to end up badly… Unless... [+]

T-line Trading for Potentially Fast Profits

Interpreting fast price moves can be overwhelming. It requires on-the-spot decisions and the wrong assumption can be devastating. Timing is everything – you need a tool that helps you make confident calls under pressure. Discover these indispensable techniques today that you can start using tomorrow: How to protect your gains when trading Early warning indicators... [+]

  • 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm ET in Room 2 Stocks

Smart Money Indicators that have Predicted Every Market Crash

In this presentation, you will learn: -How to Use Insider Buying and Selling Activity to Detect Explosive Trade Setups and What to Look For -How to Use the Most Powerful Technical Patterns to Time Your Entries and Exits with Consistent Accuracy -Where the Smart Money Indicators Are Saying the Overall Market Is Headed -Our Favorite... [+]

Sklarew in Review And Some Momentum Tricks Too!

Arthur Sklarew was a commodity professional for over 4 decades.  Linda will show some of his momentum techniques and how they can be updated with a modern twist.  She will then show the “cross through the box” play, an update on Sklarew methods, too.  Lastly, she will present some fun momentum ideas that will inspire... [+]

Not Your Mama’s Momentum! How To Profit By Going Beyond Overbought & Oversold

You’re doing it wrong! The traditional approach to momentum indicators limits your application, and your profits! Come learn from Hima Reddy, a Chartered Market Technician and Gann analysis expert, as she shows you the exact settings she uses for unique twist on a popular momentum indicator to boost her trades. This ain’t what your mama... [+]

Second Quarter Setups

In this presentation, Greg will review his Q1 ideas and suggest areas of the market to focus on for Q2.... [+]

How to Get Started w/ Options Trading

Please join us for this exclusive webinar with Tony Zhang, Chief Strategist for OptionsPlay, on how to place your first options trade. Learn the two basic option strategies to take a bullish or bearish position on any underlying stock and generate income for your existing stock portfolio with covered calls. We’’ll go over common pitfalls and mistakes... [+]

How to Discover 5-Star Stocks for Triple-Digit Gains

In this presentation, Mark Skousen will give you the exact details on the five criteria necessary for a stock to make his 5 Star list.  He’ll also discuss his methodology on picking low cost option plays on those stocks that can bring you quick triple-digit gains.... [+]

How To Use A Special Indicator To Enhance Your Options Trading Success

There’s no lack of data to analyze when it comes to finding successful options trades to make. However, the amount of information can be overwhelming and complex. We have discovered an often-overlooked indicator which can be very powerful as a predicative measure in regard to certain options trading strategies. What’s more, by combining this indicator... [+]

How to Make $6,281.25 in 10 Days Without Risking More Than $312.50

Don’t Miss Out on the Trade of the Decade Much Easier than Trading the Choppy E-mini’s Perfect for Low Risk High Reward Traders Easy to follow Step-by-Step Trade Setup... [+]

Potential Triple Digit Gains With Nasdaq Growth Stocks and Options

In this presentation, you will learn:  Learn How to Create stock or options “Profit Clusters” to target massive gains and potentially multiply a small 10k account by over 260x with less risk than buy and hold. No lagging indicators to trigger buy signal after price ran up several points or cause you to exit the... [+]

How I Beat The Market In 2018 Investing Just One Day A Week

In this presentation, you will learn multiple strategies which allowed Steven to beat the market in 2018, and the best part is, ALL of these strategies did not require him to invest for more than one day week. Both beginner AND pro investors and traders will be taught these methods live during the training and... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

How to Use Moving Averages to Achieve Potentially Big Returns

In this strategy Steven is going to teach you.. 1. Why Moving Averages are the Best Tool for Trend Following 2. How to use Moving averages to Protect Downside (Draw Downs Matter!) 3. How to use a Rules Based Approach for Moving Averages 4. Why I like to use Directional ETFs over stocks 5. How... [+]

  • 05:00 pm - 06:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

The Hidden Profit Curve: Discover A Trading Method to Earn Potentially Stable Profits Each Month

On this webinar you will learn… The Asset Class that gives you a sustainable edge no matter what the market is doing Three core strategies to use to earn potential 10% – 40% in profits The major mistakes to avoid when using this trading method A simple roadmap to build your account and create a... [+]

How to Anticipate Market Movement 1-3 Days in Advance Using Artificial Intelligence

We use Artificial Intelligence in our lives every day. Think about it…every time you ask Siri or Alexa for help or log in to Netflix, you’re using AI. But are you using AI in your trading yet? What if I told you there’s a way you could actually PREDICT the market’s movement 1-3 days in... [+]

Gold Hidden Clues and Trading Strategies

Are you interested in trading the Gold? Are you aware of the issues that drive the metal markets? If you are interested in trading the precious metals market, understanding what fundamentals are key to this market and having a trading strategy are essential. Don’t miss this presentation by Internationally renowned trader/instructor Dan Gramza of Gramza... [+]

Generate Superior Equity Returns & Income With Dividends & Options

John Dobosz, editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, discusses his approach to generating equity income by investing in undervalued dividend stocks and selling options for additional income. John looks for dividend stocks trading at discounts to historical valuations on multiples of price to sales, earnings, cash flow, book value and enterprise... [+]

How to Use One Indicator to Predict the Markets

Discover how you can use one special indicator that is available for free in any trading platform to predict market moves. This works for stocks, options, futures and forex! Once you learn the correct way to use this indicator, you will never look at the markets or trading the same way again.... [+]

Why Having Tunnel Vision in the Markets Can Make Up $500.00 A Day

In this presentation, you will learn: -Learn a unique secret within the investment markets that elite traders use for profit taking daily -Discover undervalued markets for the purpose of maximizing gains, by utilizing this simple system to identify exactly when to take action entering in and out of trades. -See the reason why most new... [+]

The Ultimate Options Success Formula

Adam Mesh and his team took their most successful trading strategy (based on insider buying and selling) and combined it with the power of options trading to create the ultimate options strategy. During this exclusive presentation, they will give you a front row seat as they reveal their most successful formula for over a decade and the... [+]

7 Turbo Trade Stocks You Should Buy Now

In this fast-paced session, Hilary Kramer will show you how the trading environment has changed… and how you can profit from it. You will learn the three factors you should look at before you trade any stock or option. Finally, you will learn about the 7 stocks primed for quick, big moves that you can... [+]

  • 03:00 pm - 04:00 pm ET in Room 1 Stocks

Three Steps to Becoming a Winning Trader

Join best-selling financial author and educator Toni Turner, for this exciting session in which you will discover her three-step strategy for pinpointing high-potential stocks and ETFs to trade. Toni will show her techniques for evaluating the market, locating stocks and how she chooses entry, protective stops and profit targets. Plus, she will give you two... [+]

Maximize Profits Using Technical Analysis To Generate Potentially Consistent Income

In this presentation, you will learn: Building the Foundation For Your Next Trade: Pre-Planning How To Identify What To Trade Based On Pure Price Action and Technical Analysis How Technical Analysis Helps Identify Directional Bias With Maximum Accuracy How Technical Analysis Pin Points Entries, Stops & Targets and Trailing Technical Analysis shows you when to... [+]

Profiting From After-Hours S&P Futures Movement

In a continually evolving 24 x 5 trading world where the cleanest and most profitable S&P futures opportunities often occur outside of the traditional 9:30am – 4:15pm ET U.S. “Regular Trading Session”, Don Miller – author of Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader and founder of the Miller-Dayne Global Trader Network – will walk you... [+]

How To Use the “Black Box” Investing Secrets of the Super Rich

It’s Time To Make Money and Invest With The Best. Discover how to switch your mindset to attract wealth like the ultra-rich, how being your own bank will put you in the 1%, and how to gain access to high level experts and mentor that successful entrepreneurs and investors turn to for advice. This method... [+]

How to Avoid Paying Too Much In Taxes

Traders and Investors, If you aren’t careful the IRS can and will classify you as an investor, this can have terrible ramifications for taxes on trading. As an investor, reporting your trading is complicated, and the taxes can be punitive. On top of that, due to the tax changes, your deductions are limited. If you... [+]

  • 08:00 pm - 09:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

2019 Targets of Opportunity: 5 Areas for Max Profit

In his powerful presentation ‘Whiz’ will: – Show investors the 5 areas they MUST target for the rest of the year for max profit – Demonstrate Top Gun Options 7 step proprietary trade plan – Teach investor how to not only hedge, but profit on the next market pull back... [+]

  • 09:00 am - 10:00 am ET in Room 1 Options

Top 3 Strategies to Generate Income w/ Options

More than 50% of traders use options to generate income with weekly options. OptionsPlay makes covered calls, cash secured puts and other income generating strategies instant and easy! During this exclusive seminar, Tony Zhang, chief strategist will walk you through each strategy with best practices and show how to find income opportunities using real trading... [+]

Real-Money Day and Swing Trading Champion Shares Some Of His Favorite Strategies To Beat The Market

Come watch Live Trading Champion Davide Biocchi present what he is using in today’s markets to help him win real-money live trading championships! He will be talking about the emotional side in trading and the importance of effective stock picking and market timing. Davide will be showing you the tools and strategies involved and many... [+]

The Simple Relationship That Enables You To Predict The Market’s Next Big Trend

In This Webinar You’ll Discover How To: – Identify the bullish or bearish condition of the simple relationship that powers every major stock market trend. – Trade with a system that has only lost 3 trades in a row 1 time in 10 years! – Grow a small account into a large account with less... [+]

  • 12:00 pm - 01:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

The One Strategy That Generates Potential Steady Profits in Options

“In this presentation, you will learn: -Why the Key for Steady Monthly Trading Income Lies in the Options Market -The most reliable and consistently profitable chart pattern for income -Why Trading and Investing in Options Must Be Kept Simple -Why Options Must Be Sold, Not Bought -How 1 Hour per Week Can Lead to Steady... [+]

  • 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm ET in Room 1 Futures

67% Accuracy: 4 Chart Patterns Every Trader Should Know

Learn 4 chart patterns every trader should recognize in the market. There is one question every trader must ask themselves when they look to trade the market. The question is: Should I be Long, Short, or Out of the market? These 4 patterns that every trader should know will show you how to eliminate one... [+]

Trading with the Trends

Understanding the Trend is a critical aspect to trading. As traders we’ve all heard the old Clichés “The Trend is your friend”, “Befriend the Trend”, and “A rising tide lifts all boats”. These are sayings that do have relevance in trading, but how do you know what the trend is? How do you define it?... [+]

How You Can Create a Potentially Consistent Trading Income

I will offer a step-by-step approach to achieve potentially consistent trading success, regardless of whether you trade stocks, options or futures. I’ll talk about our favorite charts and markets to daytrade, while deconstructing and reconstructing one of my most successful strategies, the new Spotlight Power Trader trading system. You will learn the ingredients that make... [+]

How to Beat the Smart Money at Their Own Game

The ‘Smart Money’ use a ton of tricks and traps to maintain their profitable advantage over most traders. While many traders are nervous about the competition since insiders have access to new technology and algorithmic trading systems, Fausto Pugliese understands that it’s all part of the game and gaining the upper-hand is simply a matter... [+]

How to Trade Momentum Gaps & Breakouts

Ken Calhoun will show you new strategies for trading stock & ETF gaps and breakouts for 2019’s markets using live market charts. You will learn step-by-step professional scanning & trade entry patterns using day and swing trading momentum candle charts. In this fast-paced session, you will discover exactly how to: + Use momentum day trading... [+]

High Reward Low Risk Trading [Butterfly & Long Condor Option Spreads]

Core basics that many traders miss when using butterflies (to the detriment of their account); What option Greeks are vital and how to use them; A High-Reward Low-Risk option strategy that crushes it in any market; A little known option defensive that will change your trading performance and reduce your trading stress; Favorite go-to-option strategy,... [+]

Trading the 5-Minute Time Frame with Precision

Using multiple time frames and simple analysis, you will learn how to use the 5-min. time frame to trade gaps and late-day directional strategies. • How to define a high probability opportunity using a few foundational technical analysis concepts that will provide you with your bias. • How to use the five-minute timeframe to determine... [+]

Building a Probability-Based Mind from a Fear-Based Brain

Everybody wants emotional control, but few have it. Why? It is not about a failure of effort or motivation. It is because they do not know how to build a probability-based mind from a fear-based mind. If they did, the solution would be easier to create. Come to our Trading Psychology webinar and learn: •... [+]

The Current State of Option-Oriented Indicators

Join Larry McMillan as he explains how option data (price and volume) can often be used to structure trading indicators or systems designed to predict the movements of the broad stock market. In this session, Larry McMillan will review the prominent ones (put-call ratios, volatility indices such as VIX, etc.) and bring you up to... [+]

The Most Effective Trading Setups

In this session, we’ll take a look at what makes a good trading setup, then we’ll look at my personal top trading setups. For each trading setup, we’ll consider the following: – What the setup is – Which market conditions it works best in – Why the setup works – Who is on the wrong... [+]

My Simple Strategy For Trading A Small Lot Account

Join Rob Hoffman as he teaches you a straightforward strategy that you can begin using today for day trading and swing trading. This is a must-see event given that Rob is one of the world’s top traders that puts it out there live in front of retail and institutional traders alike. This is an important... [+]

  • 01:00 pm - 02:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

How to Adjust Losing Options Trades into Winners!

Learn how to make a few simple tweaks to fix a losing Options trade and turn it into a winning trade. In this presentation you will discover the “Holy Grail” of trading and how you can achieve consistent results on a weekly basis.... [+]

How To Identify Monstrous Breakouts… Before They Strike!

How to spot explosive stocks and options before they potentially pop 420%… 385%… or even 1,453%. Why your favorite indicators trick you into false breakouts 70% of the time (or more) – and how to flip that win rate on its head. A hidden “catalyst” – ignored by 99 out of 100 investors – that... [+]

  • 03:00 pm - 04:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

Trading the Poor Man’s Covered Call

Increasing ones returns is really as simple as knowing when, where and how to implement options strategies to increase the probabilities of success. One of the ways to achieve higher returns is to diversify our portfolios. Traders and investors with small accounts definitely struggle with this problem and even larger accounts could be better at... [+]

  • 04:00 pm - 05:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

How to Generate Potentially Serious Income Selling Options; Secrets From A Trading Pro

There are 4 trading strategies that A.J. Brown uses most often. He will share what these strategies are and how to execute them. Most importantly, A.J. will show how to take these strategies and use them to generate serious income that consistently comes month in and month out no matter what direction the market is... [+]

Trader’s Success Explained

Traders gain perspective to objectively assess their learning path. Learn how to achieve higher awareness to target their efforts. Develop and maintain sensitivity for preparedness to trade.... [+]

Trade Price and Fibonacci With Ultimate Simplicity Without Using Indicators

Join Alla and discover the SIMPLICITY of trading Pure Price Action and Fibonacci on Any Instrument in a completely Indicator-Free zone. If you are ready to exhale and start trading with confidence using ONLY PRICE for entry and the ULTIMATE ACCURACY of FIBONACCI for exits: You MUST register for this webinar. During the webinar you... [+]

Mechanical “Done For You” Strategy For Any Market and Any Time Frame

We’re going to show you… My “Go-To” Chart Pattern for All Markets Simple “System” that Removes Emotions from Trading Clear Entry, Exit, & Risk Price Points Works in All Markets, All Time-Frames The Paint-by-Numbers System that Produced Over $120,00 in 2018 Clearly Spot Easy-to-Trade Setups for the Day and Swing Trader... [+]

Stories of Stocks, Futures & FX Traders Making $200 A Day

In this exciting presentation from Rob Booker, you will learn: -Strategies used by successful traders right now -How traders are automating strategies that run 24/7 to produce consistent gains -Stops & limit tricks and tactics that manage risk -How to produce consistent income without trading complicated strategies... [+]

  • 11:00 am - 12:00 pm ET in Room 1 Options

My Favorite Strategy for Finding The Best Options Trades

In this presentation, you will learn: Intro to Basic Order Flow Best Types of Options Trades to Take My Personal Trading Plan Breaking Down the Greeks of the Trade Current Market Examples Scanning Your Trades For You... [+]

A Great Strategy for Trading Pullbacks in All Markets

One of the most talked about and popular ways to trade the markets is to trade pullbacks. But the difficulty lies, especially in volatile markets, in identifying whether a pullback has ended or if a new trend has simply begun in the opposite direction. Join Steven Primo, Former Stock Exchange Specialist and 42-year professional trader... [+]

How to Predict “Micro Bursts” in Stocks with up to 95% Accuracy

Ryan Jones reveals his powerful technique for capturing ultra-quick gains on stocks and options. His 3-step process isolates stocks on the verge of “microbursts” that can return double and tripled digit returns in a matter of days when played correctly. Best of all? These 90+ percent accurate opportunities are available every month like clockwork once... [+]

Four Skills Of Successful Traders

In his extensive speaking career, Tom Aspray has identified the four key skills that a trader must master before they can become successful. For over 35 years Tom has focused his energy on trading, teaching and educating traders on the skills that are needed to take your trading to the next level. In today’s presentation... [+]

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