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Wealth365 Summit is the largest, FREE, most convenient online financial conference in the world!

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Topics include stocks, futures, options, currencies, financial and tax planning, real estate, entrepreneurship, and more!

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Discover the best tips and strategies directly from top celebrity personalities, financial advisers, champion traders, and business thought leaders!

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Our Featured Speakers

Wealth365 Summit features the most prestigious thought-leaders and experts in the financial, real estate and business entrepreneurship industries. Here are just a few of the top speakers for our upcoming event that will be sharing the latest and greatest content that you won’t see anywhere else.

Ed Yardeni

President and Chief Investment Strategist, Yardeni Research, Inc.
View Profile

Arla Rosenthal

RCG Managed Futures Broker, Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG), a Division of Marex Spectron
View Profile

Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA

Senior Technical Analyst
View Profile

Ralph Acampora, CMT

Director Tactical Investments, Altaira, LTD
View Profile

Adam Mesh

CEO, Adam Mesh Trading Group.
View Profile

Mark Skousen

Investment Expert, Economist, Author, Editor and University Professor
View Profile

Rob Hoffman

28x International Trading Champion
View Profile

Toni Turner

President, Trendstar Trading Group, LLC.
View Profile

Dan Gramza

President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC.
View Profile

Hilary Kramer

Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager
View Profile

John Liu

CEO, Firstrade Securities, Inc.
View Profile

Ziad Jasani

Co-Founder & Partner, Independent Investor Institute.
View Profile

Kelly Clement

CEO, MetaStock
View Profile

John Dobosz

Editor of Forbes Dividend Investor and Forbes Premium Income Report, Forbes Media
View Profile

Rob Booker

Algorithmic Trader, WR Booker & Co
View Profile

Tony Zhang

Chief Strategist, OptionsPlay
View Profile

Lawrence McMillan

CEO, McMillan Asset Management
View Profile

Jeff Tompkins

President & Chief Investment Strategist, The Trading Profit, LLC
View Profile


This was a great gathering of professionals in the industry, whom provided a wealth of knowledge and information. I am better for the experience and look forward to the next summit.

David from Lake Ozark, Missouri

I have only been in 3 or 4 sessions over the past week with all the activity in the market. But I have taken away at least ONE great idea I believe will absolutely change my trading going forward!

Amie from Los Angeles, California

I really enjoyed the summit and am SO glad I participated. I found it very valuable and loved seeing the range of different products available and different strategies people used. In our day of technology, I am blown away with the various tool that are our there for the retail investor. I am now on my way to being more profitable.

Donna from Houston, Texas

Simply excellent! The very rich schedule of this Summit, jam packed with many interesting topics and valuable practical infos, provided by *real* experts on the field (and not the usual “armchair-theorist analyst” you can find on economic medias…) are like gold dust for the non-professional trader. Keep pragmatism as guiding principle, you’re doing it right! Chapeau.

Mauro from Bergamo, Italy

Summit was insightful, informative, dynamic and covered a wide range of expertise and trading knowledge from a diverse range of market specialists.

Mike from Ontario, Canada

Thanks, Great Summit, All Presentations were a knock-knock out and very informative..It was great to be exposed to different strategies and ideas. Definitely looking forward to the next one.

Allan from Yulee, Florida

The summit did a great job to provide different speakers and I have gained insight and learned a lot of strategies from different speakers. Thank you so much for giving me a free assess to all the live webinar.

Peter from Malaysia

It was a great show! I really enjoyed most of the presentations, and learned a lot. It was especially appreciated for the range of topics as well. I am quite impressed to see the trading champions having shared their secrets. To win a competition speaks volumes!

Walter from Cincinnati, Ohio

It was wonderful! Every speaker I heard did a fantastic job. Thank you for the opportunity to hear these wonderful speakers.

Marvin from Randleman, North Carolina

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