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Hilary Kramer

 Investment Analyst and Portfolio Manager,

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The free Wealth365 Online Summit was designed with you in mind.  

We want it to be the KEY that unlocks your trading, investing, and wealth-building success.  

It’s 6 days of secrets and best practices being revealed by wealth experts from across the trading, investing, real-estate and business entrepreneurship industries.  

It’s 70 hours of LIVE interviews and speaker training packed with actionable content specifically focused on making you profitable as quickly as possible. 

70 hours of tips, tricks, and strategies from the sharpest minds in the industry... All from the comfort of your own home. You get all the benefits of going to the world’s best conferences without the challenges and hassles that come with doing so.  


“It’s 60 hours of LIVE interviews and speaker training packed with actionable content specifically focused on making you profitable as quickly as possible.…” ______________________________________________

That means:  

  • NO expensive flights 
  • NO long drives 
  • NO overpriced or sold out hotel rooms 
  • NO competing with pushy crowds 
  • NO excessive restaurant meal tabs  
  • NO choosing between which speakers to see 
  • NO fighting for a handful of chairs  
  • NO taking time off from work and family 
  • NO hiring babysitters 
  • NO exhibition forcing you to buy things you don’t want or need  

The Wealth365 Online Summit is built for everyday people who want to successfully create a lifestyle that fits their needs. It’s meant to make you better at what matters: improving your trading and investment strategies to make you profitable as quickly as possible. How do we accomplish that? By bringing you proven, successful industry experts who share our mission and are ready to reveal the secrets that made them into the highly regarded thought leaders they are today.  


Put simply, you will never have a better opportunity to learn what really works in the world of trading and investing. The Wealth365 Online Summit just. plain. works. You’ll have the opportunity to:  

Learn new and proven trading and investment strategies you can implement into your own trading today

See the newest cutting edge tools and indicators available to traders and investors 

Find out the answers to your biggest questions from industry leaders and experts

Immerse yourself in the language, terminology, and culture of real traders and investors

Discover how you can shorten your learning curve and become profitable faster

Understand how to actually implement what you learn

All from the comfort of your own home! That means you can go through right from your own couch, without the hassles and challenges of attending a conference of this magnitude live. Learning how to trade is simply not enough. Neither is having the right knowledge by itself... The truth is, knowing how to implement is the key to securing your financial freedom! And you’ll never have a better chance to learn exactly that from the best and brightest minds in the industry!  


Our all star lineup of expert speakers share a common goal: help traders and investors of all experience levels take control of their own financial futures.

Ralph Acampora
Ed Yardeni
Arla Rosenthal
Dan Gramza
Toni Turner
Rob Hoffman
Tony Zhang
Ziad Jasani

You’ll be hard pressed to find a speaker lineup this full of experience, knowledge, and pure value. In fact, you may never get to experience such a powerful collection of pure trading and investing brilliance in one place ever again. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn directly from the experts without spending one single dollar.

* Limited Seats Available

The Wealth365 Trading and Investing Summit May NOT
Be For You If:

  • You’re not willing to work to get the results you want 
  • You think it’s impossible to win at trading and investing 
  • You’re looking for a ‘magic pill’ that guarantees success 
  • You’re not willing to invest in your own success 
  • You don’t plan on actually listening to our all star lineup of experts  

The Wealth365 Trading and Investing Summit IS For You If:

  • You’re looking to take control of your own financial future 
  • You’re willing to take action once a roadmap is laid out for you 
  • You want to consistently execute winning trades and investments 
  • You want to reduce your risk in trades and investments 
  • You know you’re close to success but keep coming up just short of your goals 
  • You’ve ever been right on a trade and still lost 
  • You want to learn how to trade and invest the right way 
  • You’re unsure what you’re doing wrong but know trading and investing is your dream 
  • You have a small account that you want to turn into a large one  

Whether you’re planning for retirement, navigating your first trade, or mapping out your financial freedom, the Wealth365 Online Summit is designed specifically to put you on the RIGHT path. 

About Wealth365’s Founder

Rob Hoffman is CEO & Founder of the largest online investing, wealth and business entrepreneurship summit in the world, the Wealth365 Summit. Growing up, Rob was an avid chess player. That ability to see several steps ahead kicked in when he was first introduced to the world of trading as a teenager, and is partly why he’s so effective as a trader. That’s proven by Rob’s twelve international and sixteen US trading championships. Combined, Rob has won more onsite, real money only, international and domestic trading competitions then anyone else in the entire world. He is an internationally recognized trader, speaker, writer, coach and mentor to retail and institutional clients around the world. Partly driven by his love of learning (Rob graduated summa cum laude from college) and his commitment to empowering people to achieve their financial goals through education, Rob launched Wealth365 as a way to teach everyday people to achieve the same success in finance as he’s had. When he’s not changing lives through financial education, Rob spends his time in Wisconsin with his wife Sarah, and their children, who Rob hopes will be even better traders than he is one day.


"Most of the speakers genuinely wanted to help the common traders. Blessings to them. The Wealth365 Summit was really a summit of wealth of ideas and strategies designed to help the common trader understand and make some money in this shark infested market. " 

"If you're new to trading and don't know where to begin or who to take advice from, then dedicate an entire week to attending this free summit. Listen to every webinar & speaker and develop your own opinion on how do you want to trade, who do you want for a mentor and where do you want to spend your money learning. Did I mention FREE?"  

"Wealth 365 is an amazing platform where all the stalwarts are gathering to deliver valued knowledge of their first hand experience and I truly appreciate the effort and time they are putting in to make the viewers understand their point of view in becoming more profitable in any trading market around the world."

"I really enjoyed the summit it opened my eyes to a whole new level of trading especially learning about the level 3 trading and the iceberg orders it has opened my eyes to a completely different side of trading and I would love to say thank you for all the effort that was put into this summit."

"This was a great gathering of professionals in the industry, whom provided a wealth of knowledge and information. I am better for the experience and look forward to the next summit."

"Excellent Summit. It was well worth my time. My hat is off to Rob and Marissa as moderators. Rob did an excellent job; I gained a lot of respect for Rob based on how he handled situations as moderator. I really hope you have the Summit again next year!"  

"An amazing source for knowledge, I always look forward to what Wealth356 has to offer in the way of market mastery."

"I really did enjoy the summit, and I would say the most of the presenters really tried to get usable information that we could use right away."

"No doubt the presenters were awesome and each one had their share of success in life. It was very enlightening."

"Wealth365 summit has all great speakers on investing and trading."  

"The speakers are great. Learned a great deal."

"Great summit for exposure to various investment instruments."

If you’re serious about taking control of your financial future, then you MUST attend this event! By the time you finish this FREE 6-day online summit, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to start trading and investing like a pro. Especially when you count the special pre and post show events you’ll be invited to... This is the chance you’ve been waiting for to take advantage of today’s financial markets. Don’t miss this huge opportunity to unlock your trading and investing potential from the comfort of your very own home! Reserve your spot for the free Wealth365 Online Summit NOW! 

Wealth365 Summit, the worlds largest online wealth event focusing on your lifestyle and success.