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Jake Bernstein

Three Month Mentoring Session

Jake Bernstein will teach you specific trading and solid rules for success in two weekly 30 minute online meetings for a total of 3 months!

Become a Better Trader, Inc.

Pro Trader Development Courses + Original Professional Package of Indicators

Rob Hoffman of Become A Better Trader is giving away his Pro Trader Development Course Bundle PLUS a Lifetime License for his Professional Package of Indicators.

The Pro Trader Development Course Bundle includes an in-depth review of Rob’s set-ups and strategies, comprehensive video trading course library including his popular 6 Day 21 Setup Course.

The Professional Package of Indicators included in the Pro Trader Development Course features the original tools that Rob used to become a 30X Domestic and International Live Trading Champion:

  • The Fast Trigger
  • Core Trigger
  • Trading Key Reversal Indicator
  • Trading Momentum Indicator


The Pro Pack is available on the following platforms: WealthCharts, Tradestation, Ninja Trader (7 & 8), eSignal, Infinity Futures/Sierra Charts, Metatrader 4 & 5, Multicharts, Multicharts.NET.

Mega 6 Month Trading Bundle w/ Massive Software Package Lease & MOR Report

Bennett McDowell of is giving away his Mega Trading Bundle, which includes 6 months access to the following:

-MOR Report

-ART, OWL, PTF & TLM software

-Elliott Wave

-Confirmer & Turbo Scanners

BONUS: ART Course, Platinum Care & Weekly Support Webinars.

Available on the following platforms:







One-on-One Coaching Session

This prize from Kiana Danial of Invest Diva includes a 45 minute one-on-one coaching session where she will help you with your trading goals and help overcome your trading obstacles.

AcornWealth Corp.

1 Year Access to Smart Money Trading: Insiders Club

This prize includes:

-3 months of access to video and text alert setups where the highest probability charting patterns are occurring at the same time as unprecedented levels of buying from the Smart Money and Insiders.

-A one-on-one quick implementation coaching session with our head trader and coach focusing on how to immediately implement the strategy and find trades.

-The Best Breakouts – Flags Trading Course and Proprietary Scan and indicators

-Smart Money Trading Course

-Smart Money Indicators package

Market Taker Mentoring

3-Month 1-on-1 Options Coaching Training Program

3 month 1-on-1 Options Coaching Training Program includes:

  • We together develop a training program to help you reach the level of trading success you’ve always knew you could have, but have never been able to get to on your own.
  • Personalize training designed around  trading goals, Trading style, risk tolerance, capitalization, and your lifestyle.
  • This is the most efficient use of your time to transcend from the level you are now to the trader you always knew you could be.
  • 5 1-on-1 Sessions every other week at a time convenient to your schedule, weekly group webinars, online archived video classes, and access to the MTM Community Chatroom

Trading Trainer

Option Profit Success System Home Study Courses

A.J. Brown of Trading Trainer is giving away his Trading Trainer “Option Profit Success System” home study courses. This A-Z option program includes the following:

-Quick start guide,

-laminated cheat sheets

-three binders

-8 DVDs

-Bonus binder and DVD on premium selling

-Bonus DVD on mastering the mental game

Trader's Accounting

Platinum Entity Formation Package

Trader’s Accounting is giving away their Platinum Entity Formation. This prize includes:

-All pertinent papers such as:


Articles of Organization

Operating Agreements

Your Federal EIN number

-We will work with your state on your behalf to get your entity built


You will have approx. 3 coaching calls

-You will work with your coach on understanding your new entity and how it works

-You will work with your coach on what we call a “Proforma”. This will look at your Home Office Deductions as well as your Pre Incorporation Expenses

-You will work on filling out the Operating Agreement and figuring out the percentages of ownership

-Your coach will also help guide you to fund the bank and the brokerage account accurately and correctly according to the percentage of ownership from the Operating Agreement

-Finally, he will go over the Wash Sale Rules and whether or not to make the M2M election

-He will also be able to answer any questions that you may have along the way


-You will have a webinar with one of the bookkeepers to start you off by explaining what you can expect of them and what they will need from you

-After the webinar we would like you to start sending over your bank/brokerage/credit card statement on a monthly basis

-Once that has been received we will then send you monthly P&L statements

-Your bookkeeper will be there to answer any questions that you may have


*State fees vary

Certus Trading

Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint

The Advanced Options Strategy Blueprint online program includes 8 weeks and 8 strategies where you will learn:

-8 advanced options strategies that you can use to trade ANY market condition

-A steady stream of trade opportunities that have high probability and high rewards

-The exact day of the month to put on these trades

-Exactly what strike prices to buy and sell

-Which expiration date to use

-When to exit a trade for a profit or a small loss

-A blueprint of how to trade options profitably YEAR ROUND in ALL MARKET CONDITIONS


MarketGauge ETF Sector Plus Strategy

MarketGauge is giving away its ETF Sector Plus Strategy.

Until now, professional quality sector rotation trading strategies have only been accessible to sophisticated financial institutions. Now you can profit from this proven approach to outperforming the market. The ETF Sector Plus strategy is a 100% automated system that gives you the best 3 sector ETFs to own now. This system provides conservative to aggressive portfolios that require only minutes per week to manage and have out-performed the market by 3 to 9 times since 2007!


MarketGauge Alpha Rotation Strategy

MarketGauge is giving away its Alpha Rotation Strategy.

The Alpha Rotation Strategy is a complete quant model based on MarketGauge’s Big View product. It profits from current market conditions by simply rotating between stocks, bonds or cash. Signals are generated from key inter-market relationships. The strategy also incorporates several systematic techniques from the MarketGauge tool chest. There are three versions to choose from, depending on your appetite for risk. It’s also our easiest model to implement as it only uses two ETFs.


MarketGauge NASDAQ 100 All Stars

MarketGauge is giving away its NASDAQ 100 All Stars.

This is your opportunity to trade the leading trends in the market’s most dynamic stocks with the assistance of a back tested and market proven trading system. The system identifies the best 5 stocks to be long within the NASDAQ 100 Index at any one time. With only 5 stocks to manage at any one time it is a great opportunity for you as a part-time or full-time trader to expand your ability to trade stocks like a pro.

Big Picture Trading

Annual Membership to Big Picture Trading

Trade with professional investor Patrick Ceresna for an entire year. Gain access to his analytics, tools and trades.  With daily LIVE webinars you’ll have to opportunity to interact with Patrick and experience how a professional investor analyses and trades the markets.  Invest for yourself, not by yourself with the Big Picture Trading annual membership.

Jigsaw Trading

Jigsaw Trading Bundle

Peter Davies of Jigsaw Trading is giving away a bundle of their services. This prize includes:

-1 lifetime license of Jigsaw daytradr platform ($879 in value)

-1 year access to live trading ($500 in value)

-1 year access to Journalytix platform ($399 in value)


6 Month MetaStock Pro Subscription and 6 Month Metastock XENITH Subscription

MetaStock Pro is specifically designed for real-time traders who use intra-day data to transact in real-time throughout the trading day. Whether you’re an experienced, active trader or just learning how to trade the markets, MetaStock Real Time helps you succeed. The software contains powerful analysis tools to help you make informed decisions about what to buy and sell and when to execute to make the most money possible. MetaStock Real Time comes with many out-of-the-box trading solutions that are reliable and easy to use. 

MetaStock XENITH Subscription includes data for essentially any exchange in North and South America, which includes stocks, options, commodities, mutual funds, FOREX markets.

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein's Bond Buster Trading System

Jake Bernstein’s Bond Buster Trading system generates short-term, high-odds, 100% objective and rule-based signals across the broad spectrum of interest-rate futures.

This system is available for Trade Navigator or TradeStation.

Bubba Trading

Annual Subscription Futures Portfolio Management

Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading is giving away an annual subscription to futures portfolio management. This includes:

-investment tools

-futures trade alerts

-portfolio management


Bubba Trading

Annual Subscription to Saturday Options Call

Learn for yourself how simple options trading can really be. You’ll receive 3-4 new trade recommendations every week along with daily updates from Todd Horwitz.

Bubba Trading

Annual subscription to Monday Night Strategy Call

Todd Horwitz of Bubba Trading is giving away a year subscription to his Monda Night Strategy Call where you’ll receive daily updates on trades.

Toni Hansen

One Year Membership to League of Traders

Toni Hansen is giving away a one year membership to her League of Traders. It includes:
-Daily webinars that kick off with Mentor Monday at noon ET
Every week Toni covers one specific aspect of trading or market analysis in detail.
-Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon ET that topic is applied to the live market, putting the knowledge she shared in Mentor Monday into practice.
-Friday wraps up the week with a look at the future, diving into live analysis of all the markets and expectations for the days and weeks ahead from a technical perspective.
-All sessions are recorded and available on demand in the League of Traders member’s site online.

RBJ Financial Group

One-on-One Breakthrough Strategy Session With Roger Khoury

This 1-2 hour session will allow you to work directly with Roger Khoury,  “The Market Doctor” to diagnose and build a plan to overcome the top reason why you are currently struggling with your trading. In this session, Roger will also help you build a customized trading plan that will give you total clarity about what you need to do in order to replace your income with trading profits and live the trading lifestyle you have always wanted.

Navigation Trading

VIP Strategy Courses

Navigation Trading is giving away your choice of any of their VIP Strategy Course videos. These online courses include step-by-step instructions for trading strategies used by successful hedge funds, floor traders and market makers.

Davide Biocchi

One Year of Dashalerts

Davide Biocchi is giving away a one year subscription of Dashalerts! It includes:

  • Access To The Same Signals That Made Davide An 10x Domestic & International Trading Champion
  • Easy-to-Use Charting With Advanced Features Such As Indicators, Drawing Tools, and Alerts
  • Analysis & Reports From Over 300 US Securities



Major League Trading

MLT Pro Trader Course

Learn how to trade, prove you can trade, get funded to trade. In the MLT Pro Trader course Eric teaches you his simple level to level strategy to trade any market. He also provides a path to put those skills to the test and earn yourself a Funded Trading Account of up to $150,000. All of this while having the opportunity to watch him live every single day in his trading room. His students success and the stories are absolutely amazing!

Investor's Alley

One Year Subscription to 30 Day Dividends

As a new and innovative approach to income generation, 30 Day Dividends seeks to reward investors with steady income using conservative short duration covered call trades. This service from Tim Plaehn, known for his work with The Dividend Hunter, employs a strategy of event based trades on certain dividend stocks with Jay Soloff’s deep understanding of how to play some of the fastest moving stocks in the market. The objective is to deliver quick gains that are anywhere from two to four times the published dividend yield… and in many cases actually collect the dividend as a bonus to the gains from the trade. Even with the market turmoil of fall 2018 their track record is the envy of traders everywhere: 34 winners out of 36 trades for a win-rate of 94%.

Jerremy Newsome

Online Day Trading Recordings

Jerremy Newsome of Real Life Trading is giving away over 9 hours of online recordings of him day trading!

The Trader Chick

Simplifying Day Trading Futures

Marina Villatoro of The Trader Chick is giving away her full futures day trading course “Simplifying Day Trading Futures” PLUS one-on-one coaching for six months! The course includes strategies, set ups, risk management and more!


Ultimate Retirement Solution Digital Series

The Ultimate Retirement Solution Course will take you by the hand and guide you through the EXACT 3-Part Management Method you need, so you can grow and protect your retirement account & Retire with Peace of Mind. Profit – a plan to grow your portfolio safely and steadily each year.

Damon Pavlatos

Linda-Damon Trade Workshop + 3 Hour Private Mentoring Session

Damon Pavlatos is giving away the Linda-Damon Trade Workshop, which is a live with Linda Raschke and Damon throughout the day with streaming video and audio. There is no other husband and wife team in the industry with a combined 80 years experience! A true marriage of each strengths to make the day fun, educational and hopefully, profitable for you! Session begins March 1.

You will also receive a 3 hour private mentoring session with Damon!

Jeff Tompkins

Professional Trading Series Online Course

Jeff Tompkins of Altos Trading (formerly The Trading Profit) is giving away the Professional Trading Series Online Course containing over 10 hours of online course content covering professional stock, options and forex strategies including how to adjust losing trades.

Richard VanRich

Professional Trading Series Online Course

Richard VanRich of Altos Trading (formerly The Trading Profit) is giving away the Professional Trading Series Online Course containing over 10 hours of online course content covering professional stock, options and forex strategies including how to adjust losing trades.

The Disciplined Trader

One Year Membership to The Disciplined Trader Mastery Program

The Disciplined Trader Mastery Program is the industries leading online mental and emotional management training for traders. This program has been proven to be a true “do-it-yourself” solution to reverse trading inconsistencies, requiring only 7 minutes a day to master.

Seasonal Swing Trader

3S CODE Access

Seasonal Swing Trader is giving away access to 3S CODE. This includes:

  • Visually plot out the 1-2-3 Pattern Top / Bottom Reversal Areas
  • Quickly see Entry, Exit, Stop, Target Levels (color coded for easy reference)
  • Customizable Settings with Multiple Lookback Periods
  • Scan for 123 TOPS, 123 BOTTOMS, or Both
  • Scan for intraday setups as well as intermediate to swing setups (multiple timeframes)
  • Scan for ANY instrument (Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Forex)
  • Customizable Scanning Components + Variables

Tony Zhang

One Year Subscription to OptionsPlay

Tony Zhang from OptionsPlay is offering a one year subscription to two lucky winners! It includes:

-Access to Daily Options trading signals
-Weekly options educational courses
-Access to OptionsPlay’s intuitive Options Trading Platform

The Steady Trader

Ultimate Candlestick Bootcamp Course On Demand + B2 Indicator

This prize from Serge Berger of The Steady Trader includes:

-How to nail reversals by correctly reading investor sentiment and emotions using candles and more

-The powerful rocket launch and gravity pull setups

-The secret to proper multi-timeframe analysis

-The importance of confluence zones

-Correctly using moving averages, oscillators, fibonacci retracements, resistance and support lines

-Proper trade risk management

B2 Reversal Indicator & Scanner:

-Works in any time frame and any asset class

-Bullish and bearish reversals, breakouts, trend continuation trades and more

-Dramatically reduces stocks, index, futures and currency trading scanning time


Options Trading IQ

Access to Iron Condor Mastery Online Course

Gavin McMaster from Options Trading IQ is giving away access to his Iron Condor Mastery Course. This course includes everything you need to know about Iron Condors without any of the BS.


Successful Investor Digital Series

A complete step-by-step roadmap that shows you how to buy & sell stocks to safely and consistently grow your account by 15% per year. We will take you by the hand and guide you through the EXACT step-by-step Portfolio Profit System…the same system we have taught our clients for over 25 years.


Options JumpStarter Digital Course

A complete step-by-step system that shows you how to buy Calls & Puts to profit in both up & down markets.  We will take you by the hand and guide you through the EXACT step-by-step Option Profit System you need, so you can leverage your money with options. In the next 6-weeks, you will be able to confidently find, set-up and manage the right option trade at the right time to make money whether the market is going up or down.  If you’re new to options or have struggled with them in the past, this is the course for you. 


Swing Trading With VectorVest Digital Course

Swing trading allows you to profit from short-term pullbacks and surges, within longer-term market trends. Jumping in and out of the main trend allows traders to achieve gains quickly and reduce risk. Swing trading is simple, fast and very effective with the proper tools and training. Traders take advantage of pullbacks that occur within the longer-term trend. Jumping in and out of the main trend allows traders to achieve gains quickly, while also reducing drawdown. It also eliminates much of the pain as the stock pulls back prior to the next upswing. Swing traders also look for breakouts that take place after periods of consolidation. They react quickly to the breakout and profit from a spike in volatility. Both techniques require precision timing to maximize returns while minimizing risk. VectorVest has teamed up with Dr. David Paul, a world-renowned trader from London, who will show you all the tools necessary to become a successful swing trader. 

Jake Bernstein

Six Month Subscription to Jake Bernstein's Capital Markets Report Online

Jake Bernstein is giving away six months of access to his weekly capital markets report. This is an online newsletter subscription.

High Performance Trading

Private One-on-One Coaching Session

Mandi Pour Rafsendjani is giving away a private one-on-one coaching session where you will be able to discuss challenges with your trading and ask her any of your trading-related questions.


VectorVest Financial Freedom Summit Videos

Discover the Keys to Successful Investing from experts around the world. From beginner to professional, these presentations include information you need to successfully invest in stocks & ETFs.

Tom Aspray

One-on-One Session

In this special opportunity for Wealth365 attendees Tom will spend 90 minutes with you, one on one, discussing the markets you are interested in or trades you have taken or those you plan on taking.

Market Taker Mentoring

Free Month of "The Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching Class"

Market Taker’s free month of The Market Taker LIVE Advantage Group Coaching Class” includes:

  • Daily “trade-room” style webinar, in which our Head Coach, John (formerly with Goldman Sachs), gives 8 to 10 trade ideas during the live market. On his platform, John explains what he’s looking for and why; shows the live, realtime set ups, and gives the management plan.
  • This is the ultimate hands-on training

High Performance Trading

Fierce 10 Online Training

This prize includes 10 module self-paced Online Trading Mindset Training that will help you to conquer your Trading Mindset

Description: This is a self-paced training designed for the trader who wants to conquer their trading discipline.

Option Strategist

Larry McMillan's Home Study Course

This home study course by Larry McMillan features over 25 hours of educational material spanning 16 topics. Each video is at least an hour long and includes audio and visual in a slide-show seminar format. All 16 seminar videos are stored on a USB flash drive.

Jody Samuels

The Forex Foundation Course

Jody Samuels of FX Traders Edge is giving away the Forex Foundation Course. It includes:
Is the Forex market a friendly place for you? Why are so many people describing it as a “threatening and dangerous animal”? (You can make it a friendly place for you, but — “How?”)
The foundational knowledge in Forex trading. Not sure what are pips, lots (standard lot, mini lot and micro lot), currency pairs, spreads, base currency… and so on? It takes you only 45 minutes to get familiarized with the foundational concepts! After which, you will have no problem talking with professional traders and understanding most Forex training materials.
How do you really make profits from trading Forex? What are the markets and currency pairs you can trade on? What are the recommended markets and currency pairs for you to trade on as a beginner?
As a dedicated trader, this is what you need to do every single day, every single week, and every single month to achieve success in trading — no excuses. (Traders in professional investment firms are doing this.)
How much capital do you need to start trading in Forex? (You really just need a minimum amount of money to get started. Do you know that unlike stock investments, you don’t need $100,000 to trade $100,000? Find out about this from the lesson on “leverage”!)
Why do major financial institutions like banks, wealth management firms, investment corporations, central banks in the world, hedge funds managers… all trade Forex? And why should you do so too? (Forex trading is said to offer “above average returns” compared to the stock market. You want to benefit from it too!)

Linda Raschke

Linda-Damon Trade Workshop

Linda Raschke is giving away the Linda-Damon Trade Workshop, which is a live with Linda and Damon Pavlatos throughout the day with streaming video and audio. There is no other husband and wife team in the industry with a combined 80 years experience! A true marriage of each strengths to make the day fun, educational and hopefully, profitable for you! Session begins March 1.

Trade Out Loud

1 Month Access to Swing Trading Service

You will receive weekly proprietary market analysis and research video with the weekly action plan at the beginning of the week for long and short swing, active investing trades and watch list.

You will also receive trade alerts with precise entries, risk levels, targets and trade management suggestions.

All trades can be taken with options.

High Performance Trading

1 Month Access to High Performance Trader Group - Coaching Circles

Each month we have a specific topic we work through, where I coach traders in a group setting. The next session starts Feb. 1st 2020.

Trade Out Loud

1 Month Access to Futures Real Time Alerts Program

Before the US Market Open, you will receive proprietary pre-market analysis video with the plan of action and trading ideas for long, short, day trades and swing trades for the day.

You will also receive alerts chart with precise entries and targets and trailing suggestions.

All trades can be taken with full size or micros.



Free Month of Trade-Ideas Standard Subscription

Trade-Ideas is offering a free month of their standard subscription that includes:

-Standard support

-Real-time data and simulated trading account

-10 simultaneous charts

-Chart-based visual trade assistant

-Up to 500 price alerts

-Channel Bar

-and much, much more!


Larry Gaines

30 Day Free Trial Trading Club Membership

Larry Gaines of PowerCycle Trading is giving away a free 30 day trial membership to his trading club. It includes:

-Exclusive Members Only Market Update Videos
-Access to Larry in Live Interactive Trading Room
-Daily Market Update Videos for Day and Swing Traders
-Live Weekly Q&A With Larry
-Monthly Award Points – Earn $20 Towards Courses Each Month
-Seasonality Trade Ideas and Potential Breakouts

Ken Calhoun

One Month Access Pass to

Get a 1-month access pass to Ken Calhoun’s live stock trading chatroom.
Popular with traders since 2000, traders watch Ken trade his live account for stock gaps & breakouts.

Market Taker Mentoring

Trading Option Greeks

Dan Passarelli of Market Taker is giving away a copy of his book “Trading Option Greeks.” It’s been called “the best book written on the Greeks” by Gelden Press. It’s the ultimate guide for anyone truly committed to mastering option trading and is written from a real trader’s perspective so that you’ll easily be able to immediately implement the techniques and boost your game right now.

Invest Diva

Ichimoku Secrets Book

This book provides you with the most important components of the Ichimoku Kynko Hyo, which actually work.

Whether you’ve already started trading or you’re itching to start, this is a recipe for making more profit more often.


VectorVest Financial Freedom Summit Videos

VectorVest tells you when to buy, what to buy and when to sell. Get answers, not just data. We do the work, you reap the profits. PROVEN MARKET TIMING It’s not just what you buy, it’s when you buy. VectorVest’s 30-year history as a leader in the financial industry has resulted in a real-world tested and proven Market Timing System that is unlike any other. 

Traders State of Mind

Mindful Trading E-book and E-workbook

Rande Howell of Traders State of Mind is giving away his Mindful Trading e-book and e-workbook. This book lays out a process that gives you the skills to develop a new mind that is built for the rigors of trading.

Master Trader

Choice of Mini Course

You’ll be able to choose any of Greg Capra’s Master Trader Mini Courses. These courses cover individual subjects in hour-long presentations and in-depth interactive discussions. You will learn the Master Trader points on that subject followed  by chart analysis based on Master Trader Technical Strategies.

Invest Diva

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies

The ultimate guide to the world of cryptocurrencies! This book contains the following:

  • Understand how the cryptocurrency market works
  • Find best practices for choosing the right cryptocurrency
  • Explore new financial opportunities
  • Choose the right platforms to make the best investments

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