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Become a Better Trader, Inc.

Pro Trader Development Courses + Original Professional Package of Indicators

Rob Hoffman of Become A Better Trader is giving away his Pro Trader Development Course Bundle PLUS a Lifetime License for his Professional Package of Indicators.

The Pro Trader Development Course Bundle includes an in-depth review of Rob’s set-ups and strategies, comprehensive video trading course library including his popular 6 Day 21 Setup Course.

The Professional Package of Indicators included in the Pro Trader Development Course features the original tools that Rob used to become a 30X Domestic and International Live Trading Champion:

  • The Fast Trigger
  • Core Trigger
  • Trading Key Reversal Indicator
  • Trading Momentum Indicator


The Pro Pack is available on the following platforms: WealthCharts, Tradestation, Ninja Trader (7 & 8), eSignal, Infinity Futures/Sierra Charts, Metatrader 4 & 5, Multicharts, Multicharts.NET.

AcornWealth Corp.

Smart Money Trading Course and Indicators

This prize includes:

-3 months of Smart Money Alerts & Live Training
-Smart Money Indicators Package
-Smart Money Scanning course
-Fast Track 1 on 1 Training

CyberTrading University

Bronze Course Package - "The Trading Essentials"

The CTU Bronze Course Package includes the following:
-The CyberGroup Trading Room (3 month access)
-Phase 1 Training

This will give you 4 live sessions monthly and is geared toward intermediate traders.


One Free Year of Trade Ideas Premium

Trade-Ideas is offering a free One Year Premium Subscription, which includes:

-Streaming Trade Ideas
-Simulated Trading
-20 Simultaneous Charts
-A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst – Holly
-Entry and Exit Signals
-Risk Assesmment
-Chart-based A.I. Trade Assistance
-And much, more!

The Steady Trader

Annual Membership to Credit Spread Authority

This prize includes:
-Monthly Options Income Strategy
-Low Stress High Probability Cash Flow Strategy
-Use Options the Way the Pros Do
-ONLINE PORTAL to access all real-time trades and trade history
-Trade ideas are delivered by email & text
-80% to 90% Winning Trades
-Monthly Coaching Calls with Sere and Brian
-5 to 8 easy-to-follow, high probability trade ideas each month


MarketGauge Alpha Rotation Strategy

The Alpha Rotation Strategy is a complete quant model based on MarketGauge’s Big View product. It profits from current market conditions by simply rotating between stocks, bonds or cash. Signals are generated from key inter-market relationships.

The strategy also incorporates several systematic techniques from the MarketGauge tool chest. There are three versions to choose from depending on your appetite for risk. It’s also our easiest model to implement as it only uses two ETFs.


MarketGauge ETF Sector Plus Strategy

Until now, professional quality sector rotation trading strategies have only been accessible to sophisticated financial institutions. Now you can profit from this proven approach to outperforming the market.

The ETF Sector Plus strategy is a 100% automated system that gives you the best 3 sector ETFs to own now. This system provides conservative to aggressive portfolios that require only minutes per week to manage.


MarketGauge NASDAQ 100 All Stars

This is your opportunity to trade the leading trends in the market’s most dynamic stocks with the assistance of a back-tested and market-proven trading system.

The system identifies the best 5 stocks to be long within the Nasdaq 100 Index at any one time. With only 5 stocks to manage at any one time, it is a great opportunity for you as a part-time or full-time trader to expand your ability to trade stocks like a pro.

Dr. Keith Wade

Access to Seasonal Indicator

Dr. Keith Wade is giving away a lifetime license to his Seasonal Indicator. This indicator is available on WealthCharts.

Jake Bernstein

Jake Bernstein's Bond Buster Trading System

Jake Bernstein’s Bond Buster Trading system generates short-term, high-odds, 100% objective and rule-based signals across the broad spectrum of interest-rate futures.

This system is available for Trade Navigator or TradeStation.

Steven Miller

Cycle Analysis Workshop

The Cycle Analysis Workshop is a unique workshop written and recorded by Steven Miller over two years and includes 20 video modules plus over 20 other educational videos.

Hubert Senters

One Year Subscription of Hubert Senters Inner Circle

Hubert Senters is giving away a one year subscription to his Inner Circle. This prize includes:

-Daily Members Only Trading Video
-Live Trading Room on Tuesdays
-Technical Tuesday webinar every Tuesday night at 7 p.m. ET
-Ichimoku Scans
-and much, more!

Tony Zhang

One Year Subscription to OptionsPlay

Tony Zhang from OptionsPlay is offering a one year subscription! It includes:

-Access to Daily Options trading signals
-Weekly options educational courses
-Access to OptionsPlay’s intuitive Options Trading Platform
Plus, you will receive a 30 minute one-on-one session with Tony Zhang!

Davide Biocchi

One Year of Dashalerts

Davide Biocchi is giving away a one year subscription of Dashalerts! It includes:

  • Access To The Same Signals That Made Davide An 10x Domestic & International Trading Champion
  • Easy-to-Use Charting With Advanced Features Such As Indicators, Drawing Tools, and Alerts
  • Analysis & Reports From Over 300 US Securities



The Trader's Plan

Weekly Income System

The Weekly Income System from The Trader’s Plan includes:

-Weekly Income System + Alerts (System 1)

-ETF Trading System + Alerts (System 2)

-Weekly Setups Video

-12 Months worth of options alerts

Master Trader

Master Trader Directional Options Strategies for Swing and Day Trading

This course includes the following:

-How to buy options to profit on directional chart setups for day and swing trading
-Option strategies for bullish and bearish directional trades to profit from your directional bias, including how to objectively manage positions
-How to buy out-of-the-money options/spreads for bigger expected gains with less cost and risk
-How to buy options to speculate on news, earning high volatility and expensive stocks
-and much, more!

Master Trader

Master Trader Advanced Position and Money Management Course

This course includes the following:

-How to take maximum shares to target and minimum shares to stop
-How to take the emotional extremes out of your trading immediately
-How to follow the trend without indicators using just price analysis
-How to add and reduce to positions to maximize profits
-How to combine multiple trade management strategies like a pro
-and much, more!

Mark Helweg

Fibonacci Cycle Composite Indicator

Mark Helweg of is giving away his Fibonacci Cycle Composite indicator. This indicator:

-Works for stocks, options, futures, forex (and on all timeframes)
-Identify the best swing trades
-Identifies when key cycles align
-Indicator for TradeStation, ThinkorSwim, NinjaTrader, Sierra Charts, eSignal, Infiniti
**Includes “High Profit Composite Swing Trading” On Demand Workshop**

6 Month Subscription to Total ETF

Become a BAN Trader with The Technical Traders Total ETF Portfolio! It includes:
-Daily Pre-Market Video Education
-Top 3 BAN Sector Signals
-Detailed Position Management
-BAN Trader Pro 4th ETF Signal
-Active Trader Hotlist
-Active Trader Hotlist Course
-Live Monthly Mentoring Webinar
-And much more!

Troy Noonan

6 Month Membership to Spotlighter FX

Spotlight FX Swing Trade Alert Service
— My Greatest Hits FX Swingtrade Plans
— Up +20,000 pips and new equity highs for life of service
— True Backpack Trader style of trading — takes 10 minutes per day or less on average
— Signals delivered in real time via our special instant messenger type of app..
— Trade; entry, targets, stops, and then continue to send updates from start to finish
— No need to learn a complicated strategy

Take advantage of my nearly 30 years of trading experience and my greatest hits FX tradeplans.. that have stood the test of time and continue to deliver the goods

Daniel Sinnig

Power Bundle 360 Package

Power Bundle 360 includes three powerful indicators: Divergence Cloud, Volatility Crusher, 1-2-3 Strike. The indicators are powered with Trading Indicators proprietary Instant Efficiency Technology and features unique visualizations for an optimal trading experience. Everything is customizable including colors, styles, shades and more. It is available on WealthCharts!

The Blue Collar Investor

Free Annual Premium Member Subscription + 3 DVD Bundle

The 13-month subscription includes weekly stock and exchange-traded funds reports and 1 monthly Dow 30 report for the best securities specifically for option-trading. Membership also includes 200 educational videos, expanded calculators, free E-Books, educational reports and files plus VIP discounts on other educational products.

This prize also includes 3 online streaming DVD programs with downloadable workbooks:
-Covered Call Writing (4-part program)
-Exit Strategies for Covered Call Writing (2-part program)
-Selling Cash-Secured Puts (2-part program)

Darrell Martin

$300,000 Evaluation Account (1 Month FREE) with

Winners of this prize will receive a $300,000 funding evaluation account where you can potentially earn a $300,000 paid performance account with

Market Taker Mentoring

Free Strategy Session

One of our Trader Success Team members will call you to discuss your trading goals and hurdles and help you find a path to get to the next level


Annual Silver Subscription

The MAP Silver Subscription includes a weekly MAP View stock report, which shows you how the Big Money Index is setting up for the week ahead. It also includes MAP 50, which showcases and ranks the 50 stocks that have gotten the most Big Money buy signals over the previous six months. Additionally, subscribers get access to the Big Money Index an ETF buys and sells updated each morning.

Top Dog Trading

Advanced Price Action Course

In this course you will learn:

  • How to use Price Action in conjunction with Volume.
  • How to know whether to trade a contraction pattern breakout long or short (this is an amazingly accurate technique rarely seen before).
  • How to identify false breakouts before they happen.
  • Exactly where to enter and exit these price patterns.
  • The psychology behind the patterns.
  • How the pros and the amateurs trade these patterns differently.
  • What are the highest probability reversal patterns.
  • An objective way for you to identify these patterns that removes all subjectivity and helps you “see” these patterns when others may miss them.

Adam Mesh

Options Money Machine

We introduce you to credit spreads. These are defined risk trades. At the beginning of the trade you are given your max reward, your max risk and the % chance you will be successful. You know every possible scenario before you enter the trade so you can sleep soundly and make an informed decision. Each week there is a webinar with Adam Mesh and his team to go over the current trades, place any new positions and answer any questions you may have live on the webinar.

Jake Bernstein

Six Month Subscription to Jake Bernstein's Capital Markets Report Online

Jake Bernstein is giving away six months of access to his weekly capital markets report. This is an online newsletter subscription.

Tom Aspray

Six Month Subscription to Either the Viper Report EFT Report or the Viper Hot Stocks Report

In this special opportunity for Wealth365 attendees, the selected winners will have a choice of either the Viper Report EFT Report or the Viper Hot Stocks Report. The subscription includes detailed reports twice a week as well as special updates when the markets are extremely volatile.

Dr. Keith Wade

1 Hour Mentoring Session

Dr. Keith will provide a one-hour private session via Zoom and review the entire seasonal and Heikin Ashi indicator package. This is your opportunity to learn a skill from the Master himself, that will revolutionize your trading methodology and lift you to the ranks of the professional traders.

Seasonal Swing Trader

Complete Chart Patterns Trading System

Silas Peters of Seasonal Swing Trading is giving away his Complete Chart Patterns Trading System. This prize includes:

Top 10 Simple Money-Making Chart Patterns
Low-Risk Option Trading Strategies for any Account Size
Lifetime Access to On-Demand Training + Course Manual
Developing a Trading Plan Module
Bonus Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Steven Miller

Free Level 3 Quarterly Membership

The Level 3 Quarterly membership is packed with education an analysis including a library of over 500 videos, chart analysis, “Trade ideas” an proprietary apps and studies.


1 Month of MAP Platinum Membership

MAP Platinum membership is the most valuable report MAPsignals publishes. You will receive MAP Top 20, which shoes you the 20 stocks that are getting the most buy signals from the Big Money. It also showcases the 10 stocks that are getting the most Big Money sell signals.

In addition to the MAP Top 20 weekly report, you’ll receive:
-MAP View weekly stock trade
-MAP 50 monthly ranking of the top 50 Big Money buys
-MAP Options weekly options trade
MAP Top 20 report
-Platinum Update videos
-Member update videos
-Big Money Index and ETF Buys & Sells


Premium One Month Trade Ideas Subscription

Trade-Ideas is offering a Premium One Month Subscription, which includes:

-Streaming Trade Ideas
-Simulated Trading
-20 Simultaneous Charts
-A.I. Virtual Trading Analyst – Holly
-Entry and Exit Signals
-Risk Assesmment
-Chart-based A.I. Trade Assistance
-And much, more!


One Month Subscription to Standard Trade-Ideas Plan

Trade-Ideas is giving away a one-month subscription to their Standard Plan, which includes:
-Real-time simulated trading
-Live trading room
-Real-time streaming Trade Ideas
-10 simultaneous charts
-Chart-based visual trade assistant
-Up to 500 price alerts
-Channel Bar-Curated Workspaces

Larry Gaines

30 Day Free Trial Trading Club Membership

Larry Gaines of PowerCycle Trading is giving away a free 30 day trial membership to his trading club. It includes:

-Exclusive Members Only Market Update Videos
-Access to Larry in Live Interactive Trading Room
-Daily Market Update Videos for Day and Swing Traders
-Live Weekly Q&A With Larry
-Monthly Award Points – Earn $20 Towards Courses Each Month
-Seasonality Trade Ideas and Potential Breakouts

Rande Howell

Mastering Your Emotions and the Inner Game eBook and Mindful Trading e-Workbook

This ebook and e-workbook from Rande Howell explains how your biology formed you into a particular organization and how that becomes the psychology you bring to trading.

Rande lays out a process that gives you the skills to develop a new mind that is built for the rigors of trading.

Carley Garner

Signed Copy of "Higher Probability Commodity Trading"

Winners of this prize will receive a signed copy from the author herself, Carley Garner.

Higher Probability Commodity Trading takes readers on an unprecedented journey through the treacherous commodity markets; shedding light on topics rarely discussed in trading literature from a unique perspective, with the intention of increasing the odds of success for market participants.

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