2018: Boom or Bust?

Room 2

Day 0544


Learn everything you need to know about what may happen in 2018 so you can better grow and protect your wealth. Coming off one of the best performing years in the stock market, equities are poised to cool off and then some. Learn some of the biggest threats to the markets growth as well as some of the factors that could help. In this jam-packed hour, you will learn what I believe are the biggest threats and booster events that could either make or break your portfolio in 2018 including the following:
  • What factors could cause a loss in the equities markets
  • The biggest areas for growth and double digit returns
  • How to position your portfolio for a boom or bust year
  • Insights into my approach to investing and how I am planning my year
  • The biggest factors every investor must know in 2018
  • and much more!

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