The 3 Tools You Need to Add to Your Platform for Daytrading Success

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Day 0542


Early on in his career, Fausto came to the realization that keeping his trading simple had led to bigger profits compared to overcomplicated strategies which most traders gravitated towards. By narrowing it down to three simple tools, Fausto discovered that consistent profitability was not only was easier than he thought! Fausto’s refined trading style combines Level II data, time and sales orders, and the little-known Level III program in order to accurately analyze te stock and take high probability trades. This FREE event is for both beginners and advanced traders who are interested in learning new concepts that can be quickly added to their arsenal. Fausto will also cover:
  • How to interpret order flow in momentum stocks
  • How to follow the ‘Smart Money’ using Level III
  • Modern-day tape reading
  • Why indicators are unnecessary

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