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Adam Baratta

The 4-Letter Word That Could Ruin Your Retirement And The #1 Way To Save It

This presentation might be the most important financial lesson you will ever learn. For the past 17 years, the U.S. has been in an economic cycle unlike any other in our history. Completely new programs have been created out of poor oversight and corporate greed. Nevertheless, the lessons learned from 2008 have all but been forgotten. Join me to learn and discover the one thing that could bring down your retirement and erase nearly 10 years of gains overnight... and more importantly... the one proven solution that could rescue your retirement while also providing growth and stability. Who should attend?

  • If you have a 401K, IRA or Retirement Account
  • You have more than 50% of your money invested in the stock market
  • You are worried about a potential pull back and want to learn how to protect yourself
  • You are seeking answers on how interests rates will effect your portfolio
  • You want to create a safe and prosperous portfolio in 2018
FREE BONUS: Every person who attends this presentations will receive a FREE lifetime membership to Gold Is A Better Way.
  • The “Ultimate Tool” for Comparing Market Indices Performance
  • Over 20 + Educational Videos on the American Investing Landscape
  • Calculators That Reveal the Secret Truths that Wall Street doesn't want you to know
  • Special Reports Including “The Great American Bomb Bubble”
  • Plus, you’ll get a FREE hardback copy of Jim Rickards’ latest book, The New Case For Gold

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