High Reward 7 Step Directional Trading Profits Formula

Room 3

Day 0544


Trading is 99.99% about price direction and risk management and to be a successful, profitable, trader you better have a directional trading edge for all trades taken. On Wednesday, date, time, you'll have a unique opportunity to learn from Larry Gaines of Power Cycle Trading the Dynamics of Trading Price Direction and what it takes to be consistently successful by using options for these trades. Larry started his trading career in 1980, trading crude oil, and in a very big way, trading for two of the largest oil trading companies in the world, run by two of the top oil traders in the world. The foundation of his trading is to select trades based on having a high probability of winning and then solid risk management. In this live trading presentation, "A 7 Step Directional Trading Profits Formula", Larry will share this Dynamic Trading Formula that he's spent years creating. It combines:
  • 5 specific, high winning probability, chart patterns
  • How to identify & trade these explosive patterns & the trading tools used
  • The PCT proprietary directional trading tools
  • Price Momentum Flow & the Momentum Flow Signal Trigger Indicator for price direction
  • How to spot a Trend Reversal, in any market, ahead of the heard & the Reversal Indicator used
  • How to set realistic & achievable profit targets, using Fibonacci Price Target Analysis & Unusual Option Activity
  • The best option strategies to use
  • Which option time frames to use
  • Price defense triggers
  Free Bonus: One Month Trial Membership to Power Cycle Trading Club (Value $97). This membership includes:
  • Virtual Trading Room - Open from 9:25 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. ET
  • Daily Market Update Videos for Day Traders and Swing Traders
  • Live Weekly Q&A with Larry
  • Trader's Education Vault
  • Monthly Award Points - $20 credit for each month of membership (credits can be applied to all current or future courses)
  • 60% Discounts on All Courses & Trading Software

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