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Toni Hansen

Avoiding Trade Traps

When it comes down to executing the “perfect” trade, timing is everything! Enter a trade too early? You can easily get flushed out, trapped in the wrong direction, or give into emotions and bail too early… or too late! Enter a trade too late? You may miss a large chunk of the move, get trapped only to see the market flip directions on you, or get stuck in a position that is going nowhere, leaving you holding and hoping. In this class, you will learn about 4 main market timing trigger points, including 1) Ideal correction time development 2) Ideal continuation trigger points 3) Ideal pivot timing 4) and how to use Fibonaaci Fans to aid in both reversal and continuation strategies Combining the 4 types of ideal market timing prevents most trade trap scenarios on common patterns such as Head & Shoulders formations and Bull and Bear Flags, … join us in April to see why and how

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