CEO and Founder, Trading Concepts

Todd Mitchell

Big Potential Opportunities From Swing Trading Stocks & Options for Weekly Income

Dramatically Increase Your Trade Accuracy On Stocks & ETFs That Are A LOT Stronger Than The Overall Market! In this workshop, you’ll learn: • My 1-2-3 Approach to Identify Trends and How To Quickly Identify Stocks & ETFs With The Highest Relative Strength Using 3 Different Time Periods. • A Moving Average Indicator To Pinpoint The Best Time Period For Swing Trading - You'll Increase Your Accuracy And Overall Profits While At The Same Time Minimize Your Risk. • My Favorite Trade Setups - exactly WHEN and WHERE to ENTER a Trade, Where to place your Stop Loss, and When to Take Profits. • How to Manage Your Trades to Minimize Risk and Maximize your Profit Potential. • The Complete Rules To The 100/10 Pullback Strategy That You Can Utilize In YOUR Own Trading Immediately. • The Best ETFs and Stocks for this type of Trading. • How to Trade Gaps and What to do during Earnings Announcements. • How To Select The Ideal Strike Price And Time Premium For Your Options Trades And How Implied Volatility Impacts The Value Of An Option - To Help YOU Leverage Big Gains. • How to Trade a Small Account and Additional Powerful Insights into Swing Trading Stocks & ETFs for Weekly Income!

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