CEO & President, The Disciplined Trader

Norman Hallett

Building and Maintaining Your Positive Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence as a Trader

Whether you trade securities, commodities, financial futures, options or in the Forex markets, the frequent volatile nature of these markets can make them treacherous. For any trader to be successful, one must have a responsible trading plan, meaning one witch includes, among other things, proper risk/money management approach. In addition, you must own the inner discipline to run said plan. One of the major components of winning discipline is having positive self-esteem and a positive self-confidence. In this lively presentation, you will be given specific processes to insure that you have the tools necessary to approach the market with a new (or renewed) positive expectancy, as well as simple guidelines to make sure you are managing your risk/money management approach. 92% of traders DO NOT make money and this is primary due to the lack of traders having the skills discussed and delivered in this presentation.

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