President, The Blue Collar Investor Corp.

Alan Ellman

Covered Call Writing and Practical Application

This presentation establishes a foundation of option basics and specifically for covered call writing. The focus will be on 4 practical applications of the covered call writing strategy detailed with real-life examples highlighted with charts, graphs and calculations. Topics covered include: • Option basics • Definitions • What is covered call writing? • Hypothetical example • 2 major outcomes • Pros and cons • Practical application examples • Traditional covered call writing (3 real-life examples) • Portfolio overwriting an existing buy-and-hold portfolio (MSFT example) • Covered call writing blue-chip stocks to develop a portfolio of large-cap tech companies (Dow 30 stocks and QQQ evaluated) • Covered call writing with limited cash available (Utilizing exchange-traded funds) • Free resources, including The Ellman Calculator and product discounts will be shared

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