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Greg Capra

Day Trading the 5-Minute Time Frame

Learn Master Trader Technical Strategies for Intra-day Trading with Greg Capra Price Is King - When analyzing trends and determining the next steps, price movement should drive every decision. Price action represents traders’ beliefs and expectations created with money. Candlestick Analysis - This graphing method presents information in the most transparent, easily graspable manner. You will learn my Bar-by-Bar Analysis Technique. Trend and Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Analysis - Analyzing trends over multiple time frames offer the best chance at success by providing a more holistic analysis of price movement. Then, working down to the five-minute time frame serves as a highly efficient market analysis method. Support and Resistance Analysis – This is a key component of Master Trader Technical Strategies. There is no such thing as hidden levels or need for Fib. Levels. Moving Averages – I explained my unique method of calculating moving averages to determine which moving averages will display a higher time frame trend on the lower 5-minute time frame. B Volume Analysis - For me, volume analysis might be somewhat overemphasized. However, it serves as an excellent indicator of potential turning points. Position and Money Management - Lastly, even the best chart reader may fail without sufficient position and money management skills.

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