Cracking The Code Of The Markets Using Elliott Wave and Fibonacci.

Room 3

Day 0543


in Todd Gordon, founder of, 8-year CNBC contributor, former hedge fund trader, 19-year trading veteran, and Elliott Wave expert as he brings you onto his trade desk to uncover his principles of trading the markets using Elliott Wave. Todd will address some of the objections to Elliott Wave and demonstrate that when put in the proper context, it can quite literally change the way you look at markets forever. Todd will uncover 3 simple principles that will help you decipher key market turning points, which translates into clear cut trading opportunities with defined risk, clear entries, and maximum reward. From there, Todd will give you some historical context of how this powerful methodology helped accelerate the crash of 1987 - exactly 30 years ago on October 19th, and when the next crash coming from an Elliott Wave top might possibly occur. In this session Todd will:
  • Uncover the 3 simple patterns in the Elliott Wave catalog
  • Apply Fibonacci to trends and corrections to predict razor sharp turning points
  • Show you how to trade with EQ - Emotional Intelligence and not like a caveman
  • Define risk on a trade hours and days ahead of time
  • Get ahead of the emotional crowds and anticipate their next move
  • Simplify Elliott Wave and boil it down into an actionable trade plan.
  • Zero in on when the next market crash might occur.
  This is a must-see event from a knowledgeable industry veteran who looks at the market in a unique way, breaks it down into simple and easy to understand concepts, puts his real capital behind his trading ideas, and features it for all of his followers to see.   FREE BONUS: Free Access to Todd Gordon's Fibonacci Mastery Course (Value $618). This course includes:
  • Learn how to construct a Fibonacci Support and Resistance Zone
  • Learn my favorite Fibonacci price analysis tools
  • Understand my complete approach to Fibonacci time ratio analysis
  • Over 20 hours of content
  • And much, much more!

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