Global Markets Reporter, Nasdaq

Jill Malandrino

Exploring the Nasdaq-100 and Nasdaq-100 Options

Recent market turbulence has caused many investors to reconsider their ongoing allocations and re-evaluate their hedging options. Investors looking to preserve upside exposure to equity investing have more choices now than ever before. Numerous products exist that deliver substantially different outcomes based on whether and how options are used - as income generators, as upside/downside caps or buffers, or both. It is up to each individual investor to determine their own goals with regards to these products, in the context of both the current market environment and their expectations for the future. Join Nasdaq Global Markets Reporter, Jill Malandrino, as she hosts an informative discussion with Ben Jones, Product Development Specialist at Nasdaq, and Jonathan Molchan, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager, Harvest Volatility Management. The session will explore: • How options can be used to hedge risk • How options-enhanced ETFs work and when it’s best to use them • The potential benefits of using the Nasdaq-100 Index as an underlying benchmark for options strategies

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