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Rande Howell

Getting Real: Growing Up as a Trader

As a trader, you become mesmerized by the allure of trading: money (and lots of it) and the resulting promise of personal freedom. You can just feel trading success in your bones. That allure drives many into trading until they are hooked on it and don’t want to stop, at any cost. Then it bleeds them dry. This scenario is played out every day in trading. That old dream is dangerous to your success as a trader. The problem with trading is not in all the ""stuff"" you get that can lead to a statistical edge. Rather, the problem is found in the untrained brain and mind that you bring to trading. You are now waking up to the real problem! You (not your system) are going to have to change. The brain you brought to trading is not going to hack it. (It’s nothing personal). For performing under stress, you are going to have to build a probability-based mind where, currently, you have a certainty-based mind. Join us for this webinar and find out how to build a probability-based mind.

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