Founder & Managing Partner, Trading Indicators

Daniel Sinnig

Hop On to Our Market-Sense Indicators

Trying to figure out what markets are doing can be a nightmare for new traders. Volatility and sudden unexpected moves can even pose a challenge to the most experienced, veteran traders. Part of trading is understanding how markets typically behave during distinct market phases. During this live event, I will introduce Trading 360 – a trading approach that uses market-sense indicators to cover a complete market cycle. Each market condition comes with its own intelligent indicator: Trade the trend with the targeted 1-2-3 Strike indicator, spot reversals with a magic cloud for divergences, and detect breakouts based on volatility. Our indicators pinpoint buy and sell entries with the estimated success rate for the current market condition. This never-seen-before feature allows traders of different skill and experience levels to find setups with the highest probability of succeeding. Don’t miss out on this fully packed event.

Click here to get your free ticket, and join us January 19, 2022 from 02:00 pm - 03:00 pm ET.

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