President, Gramza Capital Management, Inc. and DMG Advisors, LLC.

Dan Gramza

How 24 Hour Markets Can Impact Your Trading

In today’s fast moving 24 hour futures markets it is important to understand that the trading day goes beyond your time zone. Learn how to identify the macro view and specific ideas on how to capitalize on events and the new market players due to the 24 hour trading boom with renowned trader/instructor Dan Gramza of Gramza Capital Management Inc. and Drawing on over 30 years of trading experience Dan will show specific examples and trading techniques for 24 hour markets. If you are interested in understanding how the markets have changed with 24-hour trading, and how that impacts trading strategies and pricing mechanisms, don’t miss this webinar.

Click here to get your free ticket, and join us April 20, 2021 from 09:00 am - 10:00 am ET.


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