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James Edward

How Professional Currency Speculators Use Advanced BID/ASK Order Flow Analysis as an Odds Multiplier for their Trades

The de-centralized spot Forex market lacks standardised volume and level II data; but new emerging institutional grade tools are opening up advanced “behind the scenes” market information to retail traders, allowing them for the first time to monitor market maker activity and follow true imbalances between supply and demand. In this advanced 3 hour training, you’ll learn how to follow institutional ‘hidden’ order flows; identify real buying and selling pressure; measure tell-tale signs of strength or weakness of a trend; recognize whether market makers are trading with or against the market sentiment; spot high probability turning points in price; get yourself in to early moves whilst staying out of exhausted or ‘false’ moves; and follow market maker behavior to increase your odds in every trade on every time frame and in every market condition. FREE BONUS: Free Access to Complete Currency Trader's Forex Inception Course taught by James Edward (Value $99). This course includes:

  • 10 online video lessons by renowned forex market expert James Edward
  • Over 7 hours of instruction where you'll learn the winning formula that top hedge funds and institutional traders use to beat the markets with daily
  • Sensible, realistic training that's grounded in reality and is easy to understand

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