Co-Founder and President MarketGauge

Geoff Bysshe


How To Identify & Profit From Major Bullish & Bearish Reversals In Any Market

While the majority of traders and investors are focused on conventional price trends and patterns, you can stay two steps ahead of them and the markets by following the trends that drive the price action. Join me in this special workshop to discover the trends that cause the price trends to reverse, continue and even accelerate. Attend this special workshop to discover strategies & indicators you won’t find anywhere else. This webinar will enable you to... Anticipate unexpected major trend changes, so you can avoid big losses. Identify market trends that are likely to accelerate, and provide the potential for massive trend trades (up or down). Confirm the best trending markets to enter on pullbacks, so you can reduce your risk and increase the potential of your swing trades. Spot shifts in momentum across market sectors, so you can identify the most dangerous and most promising area of the market to trade Identify gaps that are likely to reverse vs. continue in their explosive direction.

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