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How to identify profitable trades in rigged markets with Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis

Are the financial markets being manipulated against the retail trader and investor at great profit for the "Smart Money"? The BBC interview shown here should show you main stream media cannot hide the facts any longer, and you need to be aware of what to look for. CLICK HERE  for proof. Is "Fake News" used all the time by trading and investing professionals to wrong foot you into poor trading and investing decision's? "Wake Up" said the great investor and entrepreneur Richard Ney in the 1960's, but we didn't!!! Quote from "The Guardian Newspaper" In 1970, the actor-turned-writer and investment expert Richard Ney, who has died aged 87, published his acclaimed The Wall Street Jungle. Its theme, that there was "more sheer larceny per square foot" on the floor of the New York stock exchange "than any place else in the world," so scandalised the New York Times that it never reviewed the book, despite its 11 months on the newspaper's bestseller list. When news is good about a stock or any traded instrument do you buy the top only to see the stock/instrument collapse for no fundamental or technical reason? (Example buy gold in late 2011, it collapsed in price, Bitcoin 2018 the same) When news is bad (and getting worse) such as BP oil spill disaster in June 2010 is this a time to buy the stock when the news was "We cannot cap the well". Yes, it doubled in value in six months. These are facts that will be explained on price charts in this special live Wealth 365 webinar which will also feature live charts and actual Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis trade set ups happening right now, with trading plan and rules given to all attendees, no personal information required. Your presenter, Gavin Holmes, was taught to trade and invest by the inventor of the Wyckoff / Volume Spread Analysis methodology, Tom Williams, who passed away in late 2016, having passed his knowledge to Gavin. Tom traded in a private syndicate in Beverley Hills, California in the 1970's and 1980's and retired at 40 to return to his home in Worthing, UK. CLICK HERE for one of his last live interviews is available now! Gavin is the Author of "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money", the highly acclaimed book available at which explains how markets are manipulated and what you can do now to read the volume footprints that are on the price charts everyday if you know what to look for. In this special Wealth365 webinar Gavin will show you trade set ups that are volume based and do not use lagging formulas, technical indicators or fundamental analysis used by 90% of losing traders. Its time you joined the "Smart Money", so join former Hampshire Constabulary and Met Police Officer Gavin Holmes for the truth about the financial markets. "Your mind is like a parachute, its best used when it is open". Preparation and background reading is available with the compliments of TradeGuider Systems International by CLICKING HERE! Gavin will trade his live accounts if set ups are alerted too during this presentation using the proprietary Volume Spread Analysis technology. TradeGuider Supports many platforms including Infinity AT Charts, TradeStation, Sierra Charts, NinjaTrader, MT4 and now MT5. All attendees will receive a complimentary PDF copy of the book "Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money" and a accompanying training video to show you the actual trade set ups used by Gavin. Our latest You Tube video with live trading from the Gibraltar Stock Exchange is available by CLICKING HERE!

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