Co-Founder and President MarketGauge

Geoff Bysshe


How To Identify The Best Trends To Trade In 2022

2022 is going to be another year filled with market rotation that will create a great “stock picker’s” market. In this presentation, I’ll show you how to use two proprietary indicators and one standard indicator to identify the best trends to buy on strength and/or on pullbacks to profit with big swing trades. In this presentation you’ll discover: How to identify big trend trades in emerging and accelerating trends in both bull and bear markets. Which stocks and ETFs you should trust if the current market begins to correct, and which you should sell quickly! The best trade setup for simple, and explosive trades - perfect for stocks, ETFs and options. The critical price level that, if broken, will serve as 2022’s warning of a coming bear market in any stock or ETF and especially the market indexes.

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