Founder, Right Way Options

Doug Campbell

How to Profit with Chart Patterns, Price Action and Naked Charts

During his trading journey, Doug learned that the most important element of trading is price and what price action on the chart is telling you.  He uses very simple charts with a minimum of indicators – he calls them ‘Naked Charts’ - and several very specific chart patterns that have proven to be the most profitable for him. Doug’s session will include:

  • How he uses the most important element of trading – Price Action
  • How he sets up and uses a ‘Naked Chart’
  • What patterns he finds most profitable – The ‘Pop-Out-of-the-Box” and the
‘Rounded Bottom Breakout’
  • How these patterns set up and how he finds them
  • He will cover entries, exits and trade management
  • How to handle the trade with a longer-term option
  • How he works smarter, not harder, to find trades and trade efficiently

Click here to get your free ticket, and join us July 18, 2019 from 06:00 pm - 07:00 pm ET.


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