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Matt Choi, CMT

How To Trade Wall Street's Secret "Profit Schedule" With Options To Potentially Gain 50-100% ROI

Did you know that all the big institutions on Wall Street follow a schedule for all their stock buys and sells every year, at the same time each year (down to the EXACT trading day)? There are hundreds of stocks they do this with. Matt will show you in his presentation how the big institutions make the same trades over and over again, year after year, ON THE SAME TRADING DAY each year. Institutional traders buy and sell hundreds of stocks each year adding up to millions of shares. These large establishments have a habit of accumulating shares AHEAD of strong seasonal financial results, and on the flip side they plan to sell shares BEFORE weak seasonal numbers hit the news. Have you ever wondered why a stock like McDonald’s (MCD) has moved up 13 out of the past 15 years (87% of the time) between September 10 and December 3? Not only that, on average the stock moves up a whopping 9% during this precise period. Most stocks don’t even move up this much in a year! Is it a coincidence that this surge in stock price occurs in Q4 when McDonald’s typically has its strongest sales? Another great seasonal setup is Electronic Arts (EA). The stock has DROPPED 10 out of the past 11 years (91% of the time) between September 18 and November 19. Not only that, the stock tanked on average 8% each year in what has been a very bullish market! Clearly, Wall Street and the big institutions are dumping this stock during this precise time schedule. In this feature presentation, Matt will show you how he identifies these "Profit Schedules". He will also explain how he schedules this type of high probability setups into his trading, and how he regularly achieves 50% to 100% ROI on these trades by using options. If you want to learn a systematic and effective strategy to profit from trading options, then Matt's presentation is for you.

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