Is Gold Going To Soar In Price, Or CRASH? A Step By Step Guide To Cashing In BIG With Gold

Room 3

Day 0546


After trading everything from Forex, commodities, bonds, pork bellies and soya on Wall Street, Mark Shawzin discovered that he was unusually accurate at predicting the direction of Gold. Time and time again, he would pull in huge gains from this precious metal, above and beyond what he was able to do with other instruments. So he knuckled down and discovered one specific trading style that dominates the Gold market. During this event you'll discover:
  • Specific events that happened in the last 18 months, so that you can see exactly what makes the price of Gold move
  • How price reacts to certain events and how to predict them before the news about gold comes out.
  • The 'Emotional Collective Mindset' and how this one thing can help you outwit the markets - and WHY it makes the price of Gold so predictable.
  • Very specific trade examples, like this one move in gold that recently yielded 330 pips and HOW to quickly spot them for yourself.
  • The one factor that determines (more than anything else) whether gold is about to soar in price or drop like a stone.
  • And much, much more.
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