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Jeff Zananiri

Monthly Money Flows

The Markets Are Impossible To Predict… But “Monthly Money Flows” Happen Every Single Month Like Clockwork. I mean it when I say, that using “monthly money flows” is the most consistent way to make money in the stock market. I’ve worked for one of the largest hedge funds in the world… I’ve worked beside some of the best mentors and entrepreneurs you could ask for… Including a man with the most expensive real estate property purchase in history. I’ve rubbed shoulders with the richest people out there… Like Mark Cuban… And Tiger Woods… I’ve worked with the best… traded with the best… rubbed shoulders with the best… But none of it comes close to what I’m about to show you. The historic global event that is causing a MASSIVE flow of money to pour into U.S. stocks... Why big monthly money flows always accumulates at the very beginning of the month… The real reason most investors lose money in the stock market… And much, much more...

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