My #1 Go-To Cash Machine Trade - Part 1

I was recently asked, "Barry, if you could only trade ONE setup, what would it be?" The answer is a no-brainer. I'd trade my "Momentum Reload Pattern." This trade has made me more money, more consistently, than any other trade setup I've seen in my 50 years of trading. But there were 2 problems with it: It doesn't occur very often. There was no way to scan the markets to find it. Both of those problems have now been solved! In working with Rob Hoffman and his talented crew at WealthCharts we have created the "Momentum Reload Pattern Scanner!" With this scanner we're now finding an average of 6-12 of these super high-probability setups every day! You'll have it revealed to you for the first time ever in this special workshop where I'll share the logic of the setup, why it's so consistently profitable, and how you can have these setups handing to you every day on a silver platter! You're getting in on the world-premier. This presentation has never been shared before and this tool has never been available before this event. Be the first to learn about this trade setup that finds trade setups right before huge momentum kicks in and pushes stocks, Forex pairs or futures contracts into explosive moves!

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