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Adam Baratta

On Thin Ice: How Cracks In The Market And The Repricing Of "Expectations" Have Created One of the Biggest Investor Cash Grabs In History

While the market flirts with artificially inflated all time highs, the cracks are beginning to show and capital is flowing out of growth and into value. The 60/40 portfolio model, the investor standard for the last 40 years, is revealing its flaws. .It’s been a great model for a deflationary world where interest rates have continued lower from 20% in 1980 to 0% today. But what happens in an inflationary world?

It’s an outdated model for an outdated financial world. In its place is a new, modern portfolio model; one that is structured to take advantage of the thin ice today’s market skates on, and help investors get the very most out of one of the largest cash grabs in market history.

This is a can’t-miss event for wealth minded investors looking to grow their existing wealth and turn it into generational wealth over the next decade. In this free, live, one-hour training, 2X #1 bestselling financial author Adam Baratta shares a behind the scenes look at:

  • The eerie similarities between the hyper-inflationary 1970’s and 1980’s and today’s deceptively shiny economy, and how investors can use that information to cash in on one of the biggest market opportunities in history.
  • Why the 60/40 portfolio model, which has produced a 900% return over the last 40 years, is officially dead, and the modern portfolio structure that is replacing it as the new gold standard for successful investing.
  • How the Fed’s “secret weapon,” which has allowed them to add debt at unprecedented levels, has now become their biggest liability while presenting historic opportunities for wealth minded investors.
  • The exact breakdown of 2X #1 bestselling financial author Adam Baratta’s own $1 million portfolio, with a clear, actionable explanation of how much he invests into each asset class and why each asset receives such a specific allocation in order to cash in on one of the biggest cash grabs in market history.
  • PLUS: All attendees will get a special $197 presentation bonus absolutely free!
  • And so, so much more…

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