Potentially Boost your Profits by Removing Your Targets!

In this event, we'll be taking a look at how to maximize your profits by removing old-style trading targets. Not only that, we'll be delivering a trading setup in it's entirety straight from the world of London-based proprietary trading firm "Axia Futures". Trading targets seem like a great idea but they are outdated and leave you missing out on some of the best opportunities the market has to offer. Simply put - there's better ways to profit from trading that fixed targets that you hit or not. Good traders make more money when the market is providing more opportunity - quite often with a handful of "stand-out days" each month providing a large percentage of the monthly profits. The old school of picking a target guarantees you will suffer in the following two ways: You'll be letting trades come back and stop you out on days when the market can't make it to your target. You'll be booking profits early on days the market is set to run. What you need to do is learn to book trading profits when the institutional money books theirs by exiting your trades when they do. But of course, you also need entries too, so we are also going to show you a premium trade setup used today on the floor of a London based prop firm."

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