Author, Trader & Founder of Miller-Dayne Global Trader Network

Don Miller

Profiting From After-Hours S&P Futures Movement

In a continually evolving 24 x 5 trading world where the cleanest and most profitable S&P futures opportunities often occur outside of the traditional 9:30am – 4:15pm ET U.S. "Regular Trading Session", Don Miller – author of Chronicles of a Million Dollar Trader and founder of the Miller-Dayne Global Trader Network – will walk you through optimal trading times, recurring patterns, market tendencies, wholesale entry opportunities, and the impacts various global exchange openings have on S&P price movement. Whether you’re a part-time investor or trader with another career looking to take advantage of early-morning or evening opportunities, or a full-time trader looking to better understand and further enhance your current P&L, this session is a must.

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