Proven Trading Strategies from Legendary Trader Rob Hoffman and 7x Champion Davide Biocchi

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Rob Hoffman is an International Trading Champion who has won nine international, and sixteen domestic trading competitions. That’s 25 competitions, and more real money, on-site, domestic and international trading competitions than any other trader on the entire planet! He is CEO of and is also one of the most widely followed and internationally recognized speakers known for his willingness to trade live with students. Rob is a professional trader, frequent speaker for financial exchanges and brokerage firms, as well as a skilled educator and passionate mentor to proprietary traders, portfolio managers, and hedge fund managers from around the world. With a clearly distinctive approach to trading, this widely watched industry veteran will entertain and enlighten you in what always promises and proves to be a lively, must-see event for traders! Davide Biocchi is a 7-time international trading champion.  He won a three month trading competition that showed how he was able to gain around 150% in swing trading.  He has placed third and fourth in that competition to show that the win was not a matter of luck because his certified performances aren't only relevant but also constant! Due to the incredible number of requests for his return, Rob will share even more of his favorite and must-have intra-day and swing trading setups that are working right now for futures, stocks, options, currencies and ETFs. You will leave this class with real and award winning day and swing trading strategies that have been proven in real world trading environments world-wide! Davide will also share the techniques and strategies that he uses to select the best stocks! He will also explain why he looks for the most significant trends by trying to ride both long and short opportunities. Here's what else you'll get:
  • The right way to trade market momentum. The big idea that most get wrong, and a secret to how Rob wins so often!
  • An in depth review of Rob's favorite trading setups that are working right now. The fascinating power of this content in this part of the seminar alone makes your attendance worthwhile and why so many after for Rob’s repeated return.
  • How and where to find the best opportunities in your favorite markets and pinpoint intra-day and swing candidates to buy or sell to avoid missed opportunities.
  • Be able to answer the most critical questions traders need to get right: Should I enter a new position? Do nothing? Cut losses? Where should I place my targets? How do I know we're at the end of the trend? Should I take some or all of my profits?
  • How to evaluate key market signals with a checklist that you'll use every day from now on so you’re never left wondering what to do and when.
  The result is that you will leave with a far superior trading plan and how to trade like a champion to when you arrived. This is an exclusive access event brought to you by packed with information that retail traders absolutely cannot get access to outside of his one on one mentorship programs. Rob and Davide are some of the very few traders who have the real-world experiences and proven award winning ability to help you. Learn what it takes to rise through the ranks and build from your mistakes to come out the other end as champion just like they do! Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to let legendary traders Rob Hoffman and Davide Biocchi overcome your frustrations and inconsistencies and help you develop into the trader you want to be by taking advantage of the best trading and investing opportunities. This will be a highly informative, intensively interactive and educational session that you can't afford to miss. Get the help you need from the two traders everyone can learn from! FREE BONUS: 30 Day Access to Rob Hoffman's Premium Newsletter Membership (Value $197). This membership includes:
  • Access to Both Daily Premium Day and Swing Trading Videos
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