Recognizing Market Imbalances and Taking Advantage of the Last 30 Minutes of the Day

Room 1

Day 0362


Join Damon Pavlatos as he shares his 41 years of experiences and knowledge he acquired from the exchange floors as a member trader to his transformation into the electronic trading arena. Additionally, he will explain the fundamentals behind the way institutions and funds trade the stock index futures. Damon combines his real world experience executing orders on the floor of the CME for some of the most prominent institutions and funds, with the latest electronic trading technology to identify conditions and imbalances that my tip the hands of the largest traders. He will show strategies that will put you in a position to take advantage of the ensuing market action heading into the close.There is much to learn from experienced veteran traders, such as; What are the common denominators that make a good trader and what pit falls are most traders susceptible to. Damon will give you his inside view and share conceptually how he looks at the markets.

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