Founder, Trading Science

Kirt Christensen

Ridiculously Simple ETF Trading System Consistently Outperforms Market Indexes!

This mechanical, emotionless system has generated over 624 trades in 12 years, trading 9 different “name-brand” ETFs like DIA, SPY and GLD. We use this conservative, straightforward strategy to hammer out a nearly 90% win rate, going all the way back to 2006! The secret, 3 word phrase that powers it all, comes from an underground, 1963 book, penned by a controversial but genius author, with his “big idea” updated and revamped using modern computer processing power to sift through mountains of data. You'll get a "step-by-step” case study on how this all works, and how you can profit from it, almost immediately. You’ll also learn how to apply this to 2x ETFs, and how to use simple Calls and Puts to supercharge your returns

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