Chief Analyst, Wentworth Research

Tom Aspray

Stock Market Corrections - How To Spot Them Early

Since 2000 there have been eleven corrections of over 10% but there have also been ten corrections of less than 10%. These declines have often caused many to get out of the stock market at the wrong time or to buy when they should be selling. By the time the correction is over many traders are discouraged and miss the next opportunity. It is imperative that both successful traders and investors recognize the correction warnings so they can make informed decisions. The Viper Report’s Tom Aspray has traded through the stock market corrections for the past forty years and has studied the corrections going back even further. In this exclusive Wealth365 summit presentation Tom will take you through a number of different stock market corrections including the one triggered by the last Russian Ruble’s collapse in 1998. From a review of these market declines you will learn that there are a number of clear signs that will allow you to reduce your stock market exposure and how to trade the market during future corrections. Tom will also tell you what to watch for when the correction is ending.

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