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Ziad Jasani

Swing-Trading Election 2020: The Trump-Bump vs. Biden-Break-Down

Decipher the interconnected-web of Global-Financial Markets to unlock profitable Swing-Trades and better Longer-Term-Allocation decisions with Ziad Jasani, the Head-Swing-Trader and Co-Founder of the Independent Investor Institute. At this session you’ll be taken through a holistic analysis of Capital Markets (Currency, Commodity, Fixed Income and Equity) akin to the “State-of-The-Union.” From there we’ll intersplice Economic, Geo-Political, Fundamental and Technical factors to provide you with a road-map for the highest probability Short-To-Mid-Term Swing-Trades and Longer-Term Allocation-Decisions. Our goal with this session is to teach you the skills and provide you insights that will help you out-perform Markets in 2020.

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