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Adrian Reid

Systematic Trading: The Perfect Workflow For Busy Independent Traders

The Systematic Stock Trading presentation will cover: 1. What is systematic trading & the benefits for all traders. You will learn the simple 4 step systematic process that eliminates 95% of the mistakes traders make. By using this process you will discover how you can make more money trading, more consistently with less time, effort and stress. You will also discover the critical characteristics of robust stock trading systems that make money in real time trading. 2. How to survive and thrive in all market conditions. In this section you will discover the 9 market behaviours that you must prepare for in your systematic trading portfolio. You will also learn how to survive and profit even if the market's behaviour changes suddenly and unexpectedly. So while most of the investment world is in panic mode wondering whether to hold or sell, you will know exactly what you should do next. 3. Steps to build your ideal systematic trading portfolio. In this section you will learn how to select the right trading systems for you so that you can execute them consistently and easily. You will also learn how to strategically diversify your portfolio of trading systems to prepare to make money in the immediate, medium and long term market conditions plus how to allocate your capital to keep you in the game no matter what happens!

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