CEO of AAPLTrader and

Micah Lamar

The 3 Simple Steps to Mastering Momentum Breakouts

Most stocks breakout before they start big momentum moves and most of the time they form a handful of patterns before they breakout. The key is to identify this pattern and catch the breakout before it happens, then stay in the trade for as long as “it’s safe” to do so.

Micah put together an easy to follow 3 step guide for trading momentum breakouts and is giving it away to everyone who attends his mastering momentum workshop during Wealth365.

You will also learn:
  •  An easy process you can do every day for 5 minutes to track day to day momentum.
  • A blueprint for knowing “should I hold or should I get out today”.
  • The best option strategy to use for momentum breakouts.
  • How to know a breakout is happening before it happens so you can be one step ahead of the trade.

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