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Guy Cohen

The THREE ‘Big Money Markers’ You Can Follow For Potentially Consistent Lifelong Profits

From the law of supply and demand, we know that large amounts of money entering the stock market is the biggest factor that drives price. If you’re able to detect when this money starts flowing in ahead of time, you will have a powerful way of finding big stock moves before they happen. In his presentation, Guy Cohen reveals the four ‘big money markers’ that suggest a stock is setting up for a big move. Including: Big Money Marker #1 The tip-off you should look for as the first sign a stock is gearing up for a big move Big Money Marker #2 The biggest visual clue that large amounts of money is piling into a stock Big Money Marker #3 The common ‘trigger point’ that signals an explosive move is about to happen Big Money Marker #4 The ‘hidden signature’ of professional money that you can use to increase your trade probabilities

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