Timing Your Trades for Accurate Entries and Exits

Retail traders (amateurs) are often right, but at the wrong time." That's a quote from one of my trading mentors and I found it to be one of the most important things I ever learned. It explains why so many traders enter a trade, quickly get stopped out, and then the market resumes in the original direction of their trade. They failed to TIME the market correctly. You can be very educated about the markets, but if you don't know EXACTLY when and where to get in and out, all the education in the world won't do you much good. There are only 2 dimensions on a chart: the price axis and the time axis. And of the two, W.D. Gann said that time is more important than price. Nearly all technical analysis focuses on price. Very few traders learn how to TIME the market with precision ... yet it is fully 1/2 of the information available on every chart. Therefore most traders ignore fully 1/2 of the information available to them on every chart! It's like trading with impaired vision. In fact this issue of TIMING is the one thing rarely taught and the one thing holding most educated traders back from making money consistently. The way to uncover the secret of timing the markets is by unveiling the hidden power of market cycles. It's amazing that while all traders desperately want to know exactly where and WHEN to enter and exit a trade, most traders don't even have a market cycle indicator on their chart! Now that's just crazy. Attend this webinar and learn the power of cycles and how you can apply them in YOUR own trading immediately. Whether you trade stocks, futures, Forex or options, this could be the key you've been looking for.

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