My Top 5 Options Strategies For 2018 & Beyond

Every options trader needs the awareness to take advantage of different market conditions with the proper options strategies. Join Price Headley as he teaches you how to profit from up, down and sideways markets with options strategies that can give you powerful growth and consistent income. In this session you'll learn these 5 options trading techniques: 1. How to Hit Options Grand Slams

  • Learn Price's specific indicator settings for his favorite home run trades
  • See the Focus List Price uses to scan for new trades
  • Specific Rules that determine your Success Profile for a grand slam options trade
2. How to Leverage FANG Stocks with Weekly Options
  • What type of weekly option is best to trade on the FANG names
  • The only indicator you need to know to trade FANG options for quick moves over 2-3 days
  • Case Studies on what works and what doesn't for FANG options
3. Win on 80% + of Your Trades With Index Options
  • One Simple Strategy to Dramatically Boost your Win Rate with Options
  • One vehicle to trade to increase your focus
  • One indicator for the broader market with the best success on the market indexes I've ever seen in over 25 years of trading
4. Use Debit Spreads for Both growth & Income
  • The One Indicator to Use to Find Quick Turns on Key Blue Chip Stocks
  • Why Debit Spreads offer the best of both worlds with Growth & Income Potential
  • When to Exit - specific stop and price target rules
5. Trade Volatility Swings with VXX Options
  • How to Predict Major Volatility Moves with Our Proprietary Market Timing System and How to Construct Credit Spreads to Take Advantage
  • How to Spot a Developing Trend on VXX and How to Determine the Right Option to Buy
  • Stock Market and Volatility Outlook for Q1 2018 with Key Levels and Targets and Much More!
  FREE BONUS: Free Access to Price Headley's 13-Part Ultimate Options Strategies Course (Value $495). This course includes:
  • A vast collection of options strategies enabling you to trade no matter what the security, time-frame or market condition
  • Critical instruction on how to use three of Price Headley's favorite technical indicators
  • Over 16 hours of material including slides for each class
  • And much, much more!

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