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Linda Raschke

Trading and Managing Multiple Strategies (While Staying Sane)

There is a fine balance regarding how many markets and strategies  a trader can manage.  On one hand, the more trades and markets is working, the more opportunity to capture a fat tail or pick up dollar bills on the sidewalk.   On the other hand, it is difficult to watch for timely exits on too many markets.  More activity means more room for error. Why not just specialize in just one market and do that well? Linda will show ways to incorporate process, trade management techniques and simple trading plans designed to minimize frazzled moments, stress, anad general sloppiness. She will show how she generates multiple trade ideas throughout the day, how it is OK to rely on others in certain situations, and a hard and fast rule that will help to eliminate errors after the first two hours of trading. She will teach the main things she learned from years of playing cards.  She will also teach the 3 main ways she automates trade management. Traders often are left feeling they are exiting too soon or exiting too late. There is not a  perfect way but at least you can learn to stack the law of  averages in your favor and reduce unforced errors!

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