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Arla Rosenthal


Unique Reasons Why Traders/Investors Utilize Managed Futures Accounts Traded by Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs)

We help Traders, high net worth investors, and family offices diversify their investing/trading by utilizing the futures markets through managed futures accounts which are traded by registered professional traders called Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). Are you seeking an alternative to your typical equity or bond portfolio? Would you like access to exchange traded commodity markets and the ability to go long and short? Are you looking to diversify your trading/investing , with a potentially non correlated strategy? Are you seeking efficient cash management? If so you may benefit from professionally traded Commodity Trading Advisor(CTA) Programs. Learn why traders, high net worth investors and Family Offices utilize CTAs to trade on their behalf including an efficient use of cash management called “notional funding”. An account is notionally funded when the client directs the CTA to trade the account as if the funding amount was higher than the actual funds on deposit in the client’s account. In this webinar we will also discuss liquidity, transparency, and diversification. We will also demonstrate how to use a CTA Database platform/search tool where you can sign up to review over 140+ CTA Trading Programs. You choose the CTA Program(s), the CTA trades the account. Futures trading/investing through Commodity Trading Advisors is an efficient way to access alternative investments/trading via the futures markets. Learn how RCG Managed Futures, with experienced futures brokers, can assist you with the process and help you gain access to such strategies. For more information, go to http://www.rcgmanagedfutures.com/.

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