CEO, McMillan Asset Management

Lawrence McMillan

What the Option Indicators Are Saying Now That It's an Election Year

In election years, some of our indicators behave a bit differently than at other times. In this session, we will not only look at our familiar indicators, but will consider 1) how Volatility patterns differ in election years. This year has seen a spectacular increase in volatility, as traders are especially wary of what the election, and post-election markets will bring. We will discuss those phenomena, probing into what may be causing them, and proposing ways to take advantage of them. 2) one of our favorite seasonal trades occurs at the end of October, and it too has some different results in election years. 3) in addition, we'll take a look at what patterns exist in the S&P 500 Index during the months leading up to an election. In addition, we'll be looking at our contrary indicators (put-call ratios) and other time-tested indicators that have been able to spot market tops (and avoid getting in too early).

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