Chief Analyst, Wentworth Research

Tom Aspray

When to Buy Sell or Hold

Have you ever been caught selling your long positions or going short just before the market turns higher? Maybe you have been caught with too large a long position just when the market starts to correct? If so, then Tom’s presentation on how to determine the stock market’s trend and also how to measure the stock market’s risk will make you be more successful in 2020. In 2018 his unique method of determining the market’s trend kept traders on the right side of the market when it swung both higher and lower. These views are documented in Tom’s regular posts on Throughout 2018 investors were advised that the bull market was not over and that long term stock positions should be held. The new bull market highs in 2019 have further validated his methods and investors who followed his advice have been rewarded. These methods also correctly identified the correction lows in September 2010, October 2011, December 2012, February 2016, May 2018 and October 2019, just to mention a few. His analysis also warned of the several market corrections in 2019. If you understand and learn Tom’s unique approach you will have a better idea of where the market is going than the experts you watch on financial TV.

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