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CEO, Adam Mesh Trading Group.

Adam Mesh



Adam Mesh started his career as a day trader in the 90’s as electronic trading revolutionized the markets. After executives at the firm recognized his unique ability to breakdown and translate what’s happening in the market, he quickly moved through the ranks gaining national attention. Mesh has been recognized by Fortune Magazine for an uncanny streak of successful trading and has appeared on every major financial media outlet. Mesh believes that the key to stock market success is to keep the strategies simple enough so that they can be repeated. “Consistency and Discipline are always found at the base of every great success story.”

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Adam Mesh

Adam Mesh

CEO, Adam Mesh Trading Group.
Adam Mesh and his team took their most successful trading strategy (based on insider buying and selling) and combined it with the power of options trading to create the ultimate options strategy. During this exclusive presentation, they will give you a front row seat as they reveal their most successful formula for over a decade and the... [+]

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