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Founder, Fibonacci Trading Institute

Alla Peters



After witnessing the market crash of 2008, Alla recognized that fundamentals and indicators are meaningless if they contradict the price. Drawing on her years of experience in the financial markets, this led her to develop her highly accurate, indicator-free Proprietary Fibonacci Method using only Pure Price Action for entry and Fibonacci for exits.

In 2011 Alla began to teach traders from the US and globally how to trade and invest using her indicator Free Proprietary Fibonacci method on various instruments. She has taught and continues to teach, beginner traders through to hedge funds, her highly accurate Price Action and Fibonacci Strategies.

Alla’s knowledge and experience gained from her prior career as an RN at the world-renowned John Hopkins Hospital, specializing in Behavioral Psychiatry, allows her to deliver some of these techniques in her group and private mentoring courses. Her dedication to constant improvement shows in her ability to convey her methodologies for highly-disciplined rule-based trading.

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