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CEO & Founder, TradeOutLoud LLC

Anka Metcalf



Anka Metcalf has been active in the day trading & investing arena as an independent professional for over 20+ years. Prior to becoming a professional trader she worked for over a decade in Investment Banking. She is an experienced FUTURES and EQUITY, Day and Swing Trader. She is a respected technical analyst known for her precision in determining market conditions and pin pointing market direction with high accuracy. She is one of the most sought after teacher and mentor in the industry.

She is the Founder of TradeOutLoud.com, an international trading educational company born in January 2011 – offering detailed, specialized, comprehensive trading education for active FUTURES and EQUITY traders. She is the Head Trader in the TradeOutLoud Futures Trading Room – specialized in Day Trading the New York Trading Session Open and swing trading.

Over the years she has designed a unique and highly successful, simple and easy to follow trading system based on 7 layers of price support and resistance levels, coordinated with specific trigger times, price location, chart correlation, synchronicity / divergency, multi time frame alignment and a proprietary set of rules that enable her and her traders to be very selective, patient in finding high odds trades with ease and laser sharp precision.

She has translated complicated technical analysis patterns into simple understandable applicable methodology that help traders fast track to consistency following her approach to trading.

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