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Founder, BNB Formula

Brian Page


Brian Page became a millionaire in his 20’s as a residential real estate investor. During the historic crash of 2007, he lost it all. Starting over with no credit or cash and no ability to buy property, Brian discovered a way to use other people’s properties to earn income. He went on to make over six figures in his first six months and $300,000 his first year using Airbnb, the world’s largest “home-sharing” service.

Brian’s has now taught thousands of people from 32 countries his formula for success using Airbnb. This method, called the BNB Formula, reveals exactly how he grew his business so fast and how you can do the same in any of the 192 countries Airbnb currently operates.

BNB Formula is the only teaching of it’s kind showing entrepreneurs how to build a multi-listing six to seven figure Airbnb business – without having to own a single property.

Brian charges $10,000 to work with clients one on one, but in his free webinar training he shares the exact step by step process he and his students use to create a lucrative semi-passive income on Airbnb.

Seize this outstanding opportunity and begin building your own Airbnb Empire today!

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