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Co-Founder Small Biz Matters

Dan Kalis


Serial entrepreneur, Dan Kalis is the co-founder of Small Biz Matters (publishing and advocacy group) and Biz Owner Freedom (advisory services) for the empowering of America’s small business owners, specifically helping transform burdensome businesses into self-managing income-producing assets that are highly valuable and sellable, ultimately upgrading the owner’s lifestyle to enjoy abundant financial, time, and location freedom.
Along with his brother and business partner, Joe, they also created two digital-based real estate training and resource companies called Flipping Awesome and Funding For Flipping — a collective community of more than 300,000 aspiring and active real estate entrepreneurs.
Dan’s primary business superpowers include modern marketing strategy, sales, networking, content development, and optimizing companies for increased profitability, automation, and valuation.
Along with his wife of 11 years and 5-year-old daughter, Dan currently resides in Colorado Springs and is a wellness-oriented foodie, music lover, used book junkie, travel enthusiast, and bold nonconformist.

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