Veteran Democratic Political Strategist, Adjunct Professor & Syndicated Columnist; Fox New Contributor, Best-Selling Author, Former U.S. Congressman (UT) and Chairman of Oversight & Government Reform Committee

Donna Brazile; Jason Chaffetz


Donna Brazile is the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee and fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy. Ms. Brazile has been a contributor to ABC News and CNN, and has worked on every presidential campaign since 1976. In 2000 she became the first African American to serve as campaign manager for former Vice President Al Gore.

Jason Chaffetz is a former U.S. Congressman (UT), a Fox News Contributor and best-selling author. Congressman Chaffetz was elected to Congress in 2008 and selected by his peers to be a Chairman in the House of Representatives — only the fifth time in 100 years a three-term Representative ascended to such a position.

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