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Seasonal Trading Expert

Dr. Keith Wade


Dr. Keith Wade is a zealous entrepreneur & devoted business leader who shares a great passion for the niche of finance & trading. Born & raised in a small town near Northern Michigan, he learned the attributes of strong work ethic & perseverance from the exemplary deeds of his father. Keith always had an incredible inclination towards business & finance and his thirst for professional career success enabled him to pursue his passion as a profession. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Finance and is a seasoned trader who encompasses a formidable blend of knowledge & understanding of trading futures, forex, stocks, and exchange-traded funds.
Serving the finance industry for a span of more than 15 years, Keith’s passion is trading seasonality and applies his extensive knowledge of seasonality in every distinctive line of trade. Fascinated with the idea of seasonal concept & extensive back-testing, he serves with an aim to create results with high probability of success. He excels in the art of establishing solid risk parameters & high-profit ratios and is always on the lookout for enhancing his knowledge of new trading constraints. Keith is President and CEO of seasonaltraderpro.com and continues to evolve as a finance & trading expert and business leader.

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